Our team is larger than just the four Foxes. We couldn't take on this challenge without the valuable help and support of the following companies and individuals. A big Foxy thanks to you all!

Cotswolds are the official equipment sponsors for the Arctic Foxes.

Cotswold Outdoor is a retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment, including waterproof jackets, baselayers, casual clothing and footwear from leading brands such as North Face, Berghaus, Salomon, Lowe Alpine and Merrell. They have huge selection of camping equipment and travel equipment including tents, sleeping bags, and rucksacks. Cotswold Outdoor also supply a large range of climbing equipment including crampons, ice axes, harnesses, karabiners, ropes and rock boots.

Thay have generously supplied all the equipment needed for the expedition and worked with us to ensure that we had everything that we needed, from GPS to -35 deg sleeping bags. We couldn't have done it without them!

For more information please visit their website at:

Flexifoil are the official kite sponsors of the Arctic Foxes.  They have been brilliant, providing the team not only with all the kiting equipment they require for their training and expedition, but friendly and expert advice on what was needed.

The Foxes will need to compensate for the large loads that they will be towing by using larger kites to power them so they will be taking Blade III in sizes 8.5m, 6.6m and 4m and the brand new Rage in 3.5m. These sizes, combined with 25m and 45m line sets will allow the girls to travel in a full range of wind speeds.

Flexifoil International has been leading the way in the Kiting industry since 1972. As the world's foremost designer/manufacturer of kite products, they aim to give their customers the ultimate Kitesports experience. You can check out their website at:
Our fantastic website was designed and created by uc4, with particular thanks to Jenny's Dad who tirelessly made our endless requests a reality.

Please visit for more information about their web design services.

The Met Office is the UK's National Weather Service, providing weather, climate and environmental forecasts and warnings for the country, for the protection of life and property. Their climate scientists are investigating both climate change scenarios and the impacts of climate change. Met Office data and services are used by other government agencies, the private sector, the public and globally.

While we are out in Greenland we will be in daily contact with the Met Office, receiving daily weather information, in particular wind speed and direction. This information, especially long-term weather forecasts will enable us to make much better tactical decisions about when to kite and when to ski and will be a key part in the sucess of the expedition.
Kiehl's has shown the Foxes tremendous support and amongst other things, has provided the Foxes with a superb range of skincare products to protect their faces from the sun's powerful glares whilst out on the ice. Kiehl's was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York's East Village neighbourhood. Its unique and extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed through the generations. Check out their wonderful products online! ( Website)

Tribold is the world's leading provider of true Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) enterprise application software specifically built for communications providers. Tribold's PLM/PDM solutions enable communications providers worldwide to put product propositions at the heart of their business. Tribold does this by enabling communications providers to take products to market faster, by improving customer service through self-selection and by enhancing operational efficiency.

Tribold's closed-loop solutions give communications providers a full 360° view of their products. 

Based in London, Tribold was founded in 2003 and is privately held.  For more information please visit

Thanks to the Mark Allen Publishing group for their support of the Foxes. See their website for more information.
Hilleberg have kindly supplied the expedition tent. For more information see:
The Foxes will be taking a range of supplements with them to ensure that they are getting everything that they need to keep them fit and healthy during the expedition. Many thanks to biocare for providing all of these supplements.

BioCare is a science-based company founded by scientists and naturopathic practitioners with many years experience in the fields of science and nutrition.

Our unique range of nutritional supplements has been formulated with the ‘allergic or intolerant' individual in mind and includes a full spectrum including vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, probiotics and specialist combinations; with a strong emphasis on obtaining maximum absorption and bioavailability.  Visit our website.

High 5 have donated the high energy bars the Foxes will be using during their expedition. For more information see:
A huge thanks to Gideon Wilkins and Matt Daniels at thiscan for their incredible work on the The Arctic Foxes video.   Edited by thiscan productions, the Arctic Foxes video shows the girls getting ready for their expedition.  For more information please visit their website at

Our fantastic logo was designed by Conny Freyer of Troika
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Thanks to:
Hollock Waine Design
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The Foxes are also fortunate to have access to the excellent facilities at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire. The laboratory is equipped to undertake most aspects of physiological, biochemical, psychological and biomechanical testing. Consultancy testing there involves a wide variety of individuals including high profile athletes, and at present is heavily involved with expedition related clients including testing for clients venturing to the polar extremes.
The Foxes are delighted to be supported by Dr Justin Roberts and his team at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire. Dr Roberts holds a BA (Hons) Sports Studies Degree, an MPhil in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition and a PhD in Applied Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. He is also an Accredited Sports and Exercise Physiologist (scientific support by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences – BASES). Dr Roberts ventured into the Health and Fitness Industry working as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant. During his MPhil Research programme, he was employed by the British Olympic Association, conducting research and applied testing for the British Olympic Medical Centre. Dr Roberts has a main interest in Sports Nutrition and Weight Management, particularly with an applied focus on triathlon and ultra-endurance (including expedition extremes).
Many thanks to Energizer for providing us with all of our expedition batteries.  We need them to power our GPS, alarm clocks and MP3 players - all of which are essential to the expedition!!!  We need long-lasting and reliable batteries that can withstand temperatures that can dip to below minus 20 degrees C and are very pleased to be able to use Energizer Ultimate Lithiums which are proven to perform in extreme environments.  To see a full range of Energizer products please visit their website at

Adventure First Aid is providing the Foxes with the extensive training that they need to be prepared for whatever situations may unfold whilst out on the ice. Adventure First Aid is approved to run First Aid Training certificated by Immediate Temporary Care and Rescue Emergency Care. With over 100 years combined experience in the outdoor education industry their trainers are able to address the needs of individuals and tailor each course to the specific requirements of a wide variety of different workplaces and environments. 

The girls can't survive without their morning porridge to power them through until lunchtime and they are looking forward to tucking into the whopping 12kg of oats that they will be chomping their way through during the expedition!

Many thanks to Hamlyns of Scotland for providing us with all the oats that we need. You can check out the numerous benefits that health experts have shown oats to have on their site at:

Soreen is THE original Fruity Malt Loaf.  Made using a secret recipe that is over 50 years old, all of it is still produced from their factory in Urmston, Manchester.  It's low in fat and high in carbs, making it the perfect fuel for energetic people – plus it tastes fab!!  We've noticed that it doesn't freeze either which makes it perfect for Arctic climates.

We can't do it on the trip but you should try it toasted with butter - mmmmmm.

Thank you very much to all at Cafe Direct for the CoCo Direct hot chocolate - it will make us VERY happy in Greenland.
Welcome to the Roof of Norway! Located in the southernmost part of Europe that has an artic climate, Hotel Finse 1222 provides the perfect opportunity for great adventures and dramatic experiences in one of the most wild and beautiful parts of the Norwegian Mountains. Both summer and winter Hotel Finse 1222 is the gateway to one of Europe's most spectacular National Parks and the prime resort for everyone who desires the beauty and solitude of mountains and glaciers. Visit our web site.
Ski sailing/snow kiting: Finse provides excellent conditions for ski sailing and ski kiting which have in recent years become some of the fastest growing sports in Norway. Visit our web site.
Many thanks to Andy at Transition Kiteboarding who has been expertly guiding the Foxes in their UK based kite training. Transition Kiteboarding is the only BKSA approved kitesurfing school in Kent and is the closest approved kite surfing school to London. Based in Whitstable, the north Kent coastline is consistently windy and the beach at Whitstable is a great location for kitesurfing due to it's shallow water.Transition kitebaording run a of courses including kite surfing lessons from introductory to advanced courses, as well as land boarding lessons, snow kiting courses in Obertauern in Austria and parakarting.

Head fox, Felicity, took part in a BSES Expedition when she was 19 and blames the experience for her restless need to travel ever-since.  The charity has been a massive support and has even lent the girls kit for their training expeditions to Norway.

BSES Expeditions provide excellent opportunities for young people to take part in challenging expeditions to wilderness areas overseas.

All expeditions include exciting adventurous activities and research and conservation projects.  Expedition opportunities in 2006/7 include Peru (Cordillera Blanca), The Amazon Rainforest, Canadian Yukon, Greenland, Svalbard, and Madagascar.

For more information or a brochure contact BSES at:
BSES Expeditions
c/o The Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore
London, SW7 2AR
Tel:+44 (0) 20 7591 3141

Thank you to British Military Fitness for helping Rachel to improve her strength, stamina and fitness through their fantastic classes. To find out more about getting fit with BMF click on their logo to go to their website. The classes come with a Rachel recommendation!
Tom Vincent shot the pre-expedition stills for the Foxes on location by the London Eye on the Thames in London.

Tom is a young freelance portrait photographer based in Brighton specialising in the music scene.  See Tom's website for full portfolio.
07715 00 35 37

Peak Fitness have generously provided free membership for the Foxes so that they are able to carry out their extensive physical training in preparation for their Greenland Quest. Peak Fitness is the leading health and fitness club in Tonbridge, offering a fully equipped and staffed health club, with facilities including a large cardio and resistance gym, two studios, two free weight areas, a comfortable social and relaxation area, sauna, steam room and sunbeds.
Confetti is the UK's number 1 site for weddings and special occasions.  No - we're not all getting married but we are hosting a Foxy Farewell, for which Confetti have kindly supplied us with some decorations.  Check out the vast range of things that they offer through their website, from party planning advice to reception venues at:

The Arctic Foxes would like to thank Iain at Rollerski  for providing lessons to help the team train for their long ski across Greenland whilst still in London! Rollerskiing replicates the feeling of cross-country skiing, and is used by skiers to train when there is no snow. It is a great way to learn, or train for, cross-country skiing, or a slightly different way to keep fit. Lessons take place in Hyde Park and other venues across London, and instructors are Snowsport England qualified coaches.