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We would love to hear from you if you have any advice for us or want to help, or even if you just want to wish us luck!

When we are out on the ice we will be receiving your messages as part of our regular updates via satelite phone so please make sure you keep them coming.

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Terry Hastings from London 29/06/2006
Hi Jenny - great stuff - I knew you from your Orange days, would love to do coffee and start again. Terryx

David Wood from Beaconsfield 27/06/2006
Congratulations Jo, a fantastic achievement,well done. from the Training Dept at S&S.

teena (thukral!) from sutton coldfield 21/06/2006
saw you in the sutton news! - well done on all that you have achieved. please get in touch.

Paul Christmas from Ash Vale 20/06/2006
Congratulations and well done. Glad you are all home safe and a shame that you did not get the wind you needed to get the record. Are you going to go back and try again next year??

Sam B from Reading 12/06/2006
What a fantastic achievement - you deserve to feel extremely proud of yourselves!! Shame about the return leg and lack of wind - maybe you should pack some beans next time :o) Looking forward to seeing Jo on Saturday for a catch up on all the details. Well done! Sam B

Susan & Trevor Hollock Waine Design from Colchester 12/06/2006
Well done Girls! I only just realised you''d been succesful via Radio 4 announcing you were to be on Excess baggage next Saturday 17th June with Sandi Toksvig, I will look out for that......what''s next???

Lindsay Fournier (nee Cunningham) from Oakville, Canada 09/06/2006
Jo - when are you on the Today Show - I just don''t want to miss it! Let me know!

Hylton James (Team Polaris, North Pole 2005) from Cape Town / London 09/06/2006
Awesome stuff you four ! I am super-impressed at the daily distances you managed to achieve - incredible, and a very big congratulations to each of you ! I hope you have another function where we can here more about it and see the pics, but for now, enjoy the summer sun ! Hylt

Lyn and Allan Morehen from Sydney 07/06/2006
Well done. a really interesting journey. Who is writing the book?

Gem, Beckys Friend! from DAWLISH!! 07/06/2006
Fanstastic effort Rach! Well done xxx...but is it as nice as Daaaaawlish!!????? he he

Einar from Reykjavik, Iceland 07/06/2006
Hi girls, Congratulation on your expedition! Well done! and have fun in Kangerlussuaq! Rachel, you must be super snowkiter after this journey :-) Best regards, Einar.

sylvain from arlanc 06/06/2006
congratulation girls!

Jane and James from London 05/06/2006
Girls - HUGE CONGRATS on an amazing achievement..We have been following with aprehension and awe over the last days in particular - An incredible achievement. You are safe and sound at last! We can only imagine how it must feel to have completed the expedition - and how much you will enjoy the indoors and fresh food tonight!! Mind those toes...

Emma from Bournemouth 05/06/2006
Horray! You have done it! Well done girls. So, so proud of you all. Enjoy your beer and chocolate. Safe trip home and see you in sunny Bournemouth soon Jen. ALl my love Emma xxxx

Carol (FAC) from Mosman, Australia 05/06/2006
Well done, congratulations - great news! Roll on beer, cakes, chocolate, hot baths, hair washing, armpit shaving, feet melting, blister recovering, normalllooking faces without great white shapes and frostie bits on them!! We are all so very proud of you, especially FAC! Cant wait to hear all about it. Lots of love to you all. Congratulations!! Auntie C xxxx

Robyn & John Good from Scotland 05/06/2006
Congrats foxes! Well done on one hell of an amazing journey. You really live up to the saying '' No pain No Gain '' Glad you made it home in piece..(Poor toes!!) Lots of lovin'' Robyn & John (Jo''s Couz)

Sally and Doug from Ch.Ch. N.Z. 05/06/2006
To Felicity and all you other wonderful Arcticfoxes, CONGRATULATIONS many, times over,a wonderful achievement,one you can all be proud of, as I am sure all your families and loved ones are.We certainly are. Good to know you are all in one piece,Enjoy the soft life now,you have earned it!Love Sally and Doug.x

Andy Ford from London 05/06/2006
Congratulations Foxes on an outstanding achievement. Me and my chums have been following your progress with interest and are all very proud of you. Look forward to seeing you soon, Rachel. A

Kate and Darren Siveter from Clapham 05/06/2006
YOU DID IT! Well done to all the foxes and can''t wait to see you Rachel. Lots of love, Kate and Darren xx

Carol (FAC) from Mosman, Sydney 05/06/2006
Hi there little Niece: Have you ever heard of the "Day Spa"! Yes, it''s one of those amazing places where they charge you lots of money to be plunged into freezing water that is soooooo vey good for the circulation (and complexion). At least it would have given your team mates a break from having to create you your own special Day Spa in the middle of the frozen north. I think you owe them at least a facial to repair those wonderful suntans you must all be sporting now!! Lots of love, FAC xxxx

Sam (Flis'' PC Team Mate) from London 05/06/2006
Well done guys! I''ve been following your progress over the last month and I''m completely in awe of your achievement. HUGE congratulations to you all - looking forward to the celebrations when you get back! xx

Martin Kocsis from Chinley 05/06/2006
Foxy Jen, An utterly excellent achievement...across the whole of Greenland and back without a single cream bun in sight...I''m enormously impressed. It makes crossing The Sea of Dreams on El Cap look like a vicarage tea party! See you in the Peak sometime for *more* dicing with death. i salute you all! smiles, martin

Marion, Gordon and Glen from Goudhurst 05/06/2006
Hi there you Foxy 4. Welcome back from the frozen(?) North and once again our heartiest congratulations on your wonderful achievements. Now it is time for you to celebrate and also to have some well-earned R & R. Very best wishes to the 4 of you and, Jo, enjoy France! Love from us all. xxxx

Kate Mages from London 05/06/2006
Hooray! Well done Foxes you did it! It would have been boring without all the hiccups on the way!!! Hope you''ve defrosted Jo-France will warm you up honey! See you all at the ''Foxes Return Celebration Party'' (I assume there will be one?!). Kate X

Mrs A & Phillippa from Tonbridge 05/06/2006
Well done! Have followed progress with interest. Missed you at the wedding! catch up when you get back.

Alex Craster from London 05/06/2006
jen et ladies...brilliant! xx

Katharine Roberton from London 05/06/2006
Hi again foxy ladeez - well done for making it back across Greenland; I imagine the thought of a pint of beer might have kept spirits up on your last leg(s!) (Rach P, don''t you go knockin it back too quickly, I know what you''re like! I''m sure it''ll go straight to yer ''ead!) Anyway massive congrats on your amazing journey and we''re all gutted that the weather was so rubbish for your kiting needs. Bloomin'' weather! Can''t wait to hear all about your adventure. XXXX

Guy from Adventure First Aid 04/06/2006
Nice one!

Rob from Tonbridge 04/06/2006
Hi Jo and all the team. Nearly there or hopefully there now and you will be pleased to know that it is finally warming up here! I am in ore of what you have done and glad Jo survived her dip in the water. Take care, Rob x

Katie & Aner from Tel Aviv 04/06/2006
By the time you get this you should be safely on your way home or maybe even home. Rach I am so happy to hear your babbling brook from the frozen wastes and I can''t wait to see your glamour modelling shots on your return. Lots of love and congrats to you all xxxx

spencer aston from hildenborough 04/06/2006
Hello sister, thought it was about time i got my act together and send yu a message as after all, yu''ve trecked across the greenland icecap, so iv trecked in to the office to say im so proud of yu. Im a bit dissapointed that yu girls were too ''girly'' to use the kites! Everyone bac at home has been listening to your pod cast''s and it has sored straight to number one in the charts. Congratulations to yu all.... Spence kisses.

liz from Bishops stortford 04/06/2006
Fantastic. Well done. Quite an achievement. Looking forward to seeing you all home. Liz & Nick

Leila and Rosa from London 04/06/2006
Hey miss v!! congratulations on getting this far!! only a little bit to go now!! see you when you get back!! xxx

Our biggest warmest huggiest congratulations to you all. What an achievement. To cross the icecap not once but twice. No one, no one will want to beat that record. Look forward to seeing you all home safe and sound on Monday. Until then all our love.

Tim Forrester from Maldon Essex 04/06/2006
Hi Felicity Only one word desribes all your efforts INCREDIBLE. Well done to all of you. Enjoy that beer. Take care Tim.

david jacobs from north bovey 04/06/2006
many congratulations a magnificent achievement.

Alison Goodman from London 04/06/2006
CONGRATULATIONS! You did it. Well done Rachel and the team - I am SO proud of you and can''t wait to hear all about it. Lots of love, Ali G xxx

Orla & Steve from Swindon 04/06/2006
Just read the message from Foxy HQ that you''ve finished your expedition. Congratulations!! Feel proud to know some recordbreakers!! Hope you get some well-deserved rest now and that Jo''s feet start to look a little prettier! Did the first aid training on blisters come in useful?? Congrats again.

Our biggest warmest huggiest congratulations to you all. What an achievement. To cross the icecap not once but twice. No one, no one will want to beat that record. Look forward to seeing you all home safe and sound on Monday. Until then all our love.

Lorna from Exeter 04/06/2006
Hi Guys, sorry the weather didn''t allow you to make an attempt on the fastest crossing. We''ll try and organise some better conditions for you next time! That aside, we''re all extremely proud of you and what you have achieved!

Diane Toman from Winchester 03/06/2006
Dear Jo & all the foxes. Glad to hear you ok Jo after your meltice episode & that all the girls looked after you so well. Hope all goes well for safe journey to the end. Lots of love, Di x

Sally and Doug from Christchurch N.Z. 03/06/2006
Hello Felicity and you other amazing women! By our reckoning you should all be tucked up in your sleeping bags, and hopefully tomorrow night it may be a comfortable warm bed!!We are in awe of what you have all achieved and hope everything goes well for you tomorrow on the last take care and go well. Love from the N.Z. Martins

Tori James (Flis'' Pink Lady PoleCats Team Mate) from London 03/06/2006
GO GO GO - you''re nearly there! It''s the home straight and you''ve got a plane to catch, enjoy your last 24hours on the ice!

Nick Haisman from San Francisco 03/06/2006
Wow - your reports back are beginning to read like a soap-opera foxes! And I am entirely addicted... I am really excited that you''re so close to completing such an awesome adventure - please just make the final stages without anymore crazy flying/swimming shenanigans. Millions of warm hugs from a sunny CA, Nick xxx

lucy and jo from manchester 03/06/2006
Hello Rachel - so impressed and you''ve nearly made it! Hope the hours dragging the tyre round Clapham common prepared you for falling through the ice! See you soon.

Guy from Adventure First Aid 03/06/2006
Well done you four! I have a small tear in my eye... Enjoy the long sleep to come... Guyxx

The two grizzlies from Ashcombe 02/06/2006
Fantastic effort Foxes, as far as were concerned you''ve broken every record in the book, can''t wait to see you. Good luck for the last push. Lots of love from the two bears.xx

Rhona and Kristjan from London and Reykjavik 02/06/2006
Just heard your latest podcast on the lab computer. You sounded very chipper Rachel and hungry as usual - remember all those delicious meals in Mexico - a meal awaits you on your return. Best of luck for the final furlong. Love and best wishes to all the foxes. Rhona and Kristjan

claire from st albans 02/06/2006
Jo, trust your gammy feet to play up again! I knew your feet where dodgie when you had to vaseline them up every night in Namibia. I''m sorry that your fellow foxes too had have to endure the sight of your not so pretty feet!!! Only one more day to go. Keep your peckers up as my Granny Grace would say. C xx

Emily from London 02/06/2006
Still with you all the way Rach - I can''t believe you''ve nearly done it. Fluffy pillows and a change of pants await you. For our sake as much as yours.

Tom from The Vikings 01/06/2006
Awesome work Miss Pugh et al. Keep it up and well done. Tom and Katie

Stephanie & Natalie from London 01/06/2006
Hi Now you are on your way back! I write to congratulate you all. Hope you all enjoy and see you soon. Take care!!!

Elly from Guildford 01/06/2006
Rach - it''s always great to hear your voice and you sound very chipper! Hope you and the foxes make that plane (and that you have some nosh at the finish!)think of you everyday! Well done to you and the rest of the foxes - very proud of you (and I''m not even your ma!) love elly xxxx

Kate Mages from London 01/06/2006
Hi Jo and the other Foxes, Well done for walking 57km in one day I can''t even imagine how anyone can manage that! Jo, lucky you haven''t been eating lentils and bran flakes or I reckon you would be carrying lots of pooey tissues around with you!! Ha ha! looking forward to seeing you again once you have done all you press engagements. Love Kate

Jane from London 01/06/2006
Well done Rachel (and all you other foxy ladies). I''ve just heard the podcast. I hope you don''t have to swim for your rations on the way home. Can''t wait to see you on TV. I''m sure you will all look super foxy despite the lack of sleep and general knackerdness. Love from Jane, Richard and Billy.

Diane Toman from Winchester 31/05/2006
Dear Jo & all the foxes. Loving the podcasts. Hope all goes well for your last few days & for flight home. Lots of love, Diane

Guy from Adventure First Aid 31/05/2006
57Km in one day.... now you are just showing off!

Sally from London 31/05/2006
Go Rach and the foxy ladies! Sending you big love and support, am thinking of you all.

Amy from London 31/05/2006
You ladies are doing fantastically well and I''m really enjoying hearing all about it. I almost feel like I''m there myself.Or that the Arctic has come to the UK. xx

Jojo Stead from Brisvegas 30/05/2006
Hello Jo and foxy ladies, I have been wearing my foxy t-shirt lots and telling all the Antipodians about what you guys are doing. I must have got soft living down here as I am complaining about the cold a lot this winter however, I am thinking of you guys out there in the real cold on the ice cap. Keep it up as you are doing really well. Jojo x

Luke from Bedford, England 30/05/2006
Keep going Foxes. All that training means that Jen doesn't need a kite anyway. You are covering some really impressive distances day after day!

James and Jane from London 30/05/2006
The toughest ******* I know! Massively impressed and much more so as the weather is against you. This is an expedition of endurance, no glory and no record but maximum respect and admiration from all that hear your story. Well ******* done. Sorry for using expletives but what you are doing requires words outside etiquette.

Charlie from Brighton 30/05/2006
Hello Rachel. Glad to see that your great muscle building expedition is going extremely well. Listen, if you really wanted to beat me and Stella at arm wrestling, the gym would have sufficed. Mini-Foxy Friend Milo sends his love and is constantly looking out for you on Pingu. I haven't the heart to tell him he's got his arctics mixed up. Or has he? I'm not sure myself now. Bring back some of their famous Glacier Mint's to prove you've been. Hoping you're all safe and well. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Lots of love Charlie and Milo xxxx

Morten Lindholm from Kangerlussuaq 30/05/2006
Hi, Girls, Congrats with your succes.. I just want to tell you that the depot (the north face duffle) which you places at p.660 upon departure is safely places in the old camp for you.. I was forced to pick it up 9 days ago as the melting water had taken it downstreams...It was lying in a very big sea of icecold I am not sure whether the video still was all soaking wet.. but it is here now...and we (I am) are waiting for your arrival.. Hugs Morten, Old camp Guide

Nick from San Francisco 29/05/2006
Hi Foxes, Sounds like you guys are making amazing progress in the face of adversity - seriously, no wind? What's that all about? Can't wait to hear the next podcast and speak to you when you get back. Thinking of you all. Nick

Guy from Adventure First Aid 29/05/2006
Hi foxes... glad Jen is OK after foxy flight... take care and no more bar games of see who can fly the furthest... save it for when you next come to Devon! Guyx

Carol from Mosman, Australia 28/05/2006
Hi there Crazy Ladies - I knew you should have taken my kitty kats with you to keep your little tootsies warm at night! I am sure you are all dreaming of luxuriating in the biggest, longest, hottest bath England has to offer - perhaps you can set another world record of how long the 4 all British, all female team can stay in a bath together!!! Seriously, we all know you are going to get back in time to connect with your flight - if not they had better just hold that darn flight up for you!! Keep focused, keep up your spirits and know we all are very proud of the way you are handling your return trip. Lots of love to everyone, take care. Auntie C xxx

Sab & Gary from HOT ROCK 27/05/2006
Hey Jen - your missing out on all the great rain here in the UK :O) Huge hugs & loads of smiles - Wayne & Aine say 'Hi' too. xoxoxoSab & Gary

Sally and Doug Martin and Steven Redden from Christchurch NZ 27/05/2006
Hi we are thinking of you all and hope you managing to keep your feet warm. Please to hear you are going to be on target and the wind gets up soon. Good luck Felicity - from NZ

Lian from New York 27/05/2006
You guys are crazy, in the best possible way. Keep going.

Stella from Brighton 27/05/2006
You ladies should have been sponsored by the makers of gaffer tape! Glad to hear you sounding so positive and happy on the podcast. I hope you get some wind soon. Good luck all of you, and love to Rachel. Stella.x

Claire from St Albans 26/05/2006
Hi Jo & fellow Foxes. Hope the blister popping sess was fun! Jo, having seen the state of your feet in Africa, I can imagine that they are in one hell of a state now! I just wanted to let you know that Toby & I completed on the house today. Officially moving in tomorrow. It's our last night with Mr & Mrs S tonight! C xx

Richard Madden from Lewes 26/05/2006
Hi there Arctic Foxes! This just a message to wish you well from all at OE magazine which Felicity writes for. I am currently ghost writing a book for a Channel Four Survival Series......which seems a bit strange as I'm comfortably sitting here in my breezy eerie writing all about the intricacies of digging a snow cave while you're all out there doing it for real. I feel like I need a refresher course...good luck with the remainder of the expedition!

Fred from Kent 26/05/2006
Go girls, thinking of you and hoping for more wind to speed you along the way! There is plenty in Kent at present. Enjoy and take care. x x x

Rhianon Williams from London 25/05/2006
Hi Rachel Well not only are you a record breaker but you are also a 'stunning looking' record breaker. As before I'm wishing you all the very best, mum tells me that her office crowd are tuning in and keeping up to date with your trek. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Bye for now, love & hugs to you all, Rhi x

Emma Warren from Reading 25/05/2006
Hi Jen, It's good to see you're still going strong despite the cold and lack of wind. I was thinking of you while I was on hoilday in Tunisa, soaking up the sun, while you girls are pushing yourselves physically and mentally in such cold conditions. Maybe you should treat yourself to a beach holiday when you get home, and show off your toned legs!! Well done girls. Keep going. m xxx

Katie & Aner from Tel Aviv 24/05/2006
Rachel you are always beautiful to us, wherever you are. May the winds be with you xx

Guy from Adventure First Aid 24/05/2006
Hi Foxes. Keep going you four. Dont let the wind thing grind you down. Knowing you lot, you will be as positive as ever and racing home anyway... and think, a first female crossing AND the second female crossing all at once.... keep safe...Guy

Carol (FAC) from Mosman Downunder 24/05/2006
Hi there Foxies - by now you are on the trek back and we are keeping fingers and toes and anything else the ambidexterous amongst us can cross - for lots of good winds blowing in the right direction. Knowing you four (or at least one of you well) I am sure you will be using the return leg and those intimate nights in your tent, planning a bigger and better attack next year!!! Oh no you say - I've heard that before from Jo when she swore never to do another marathon!! I know it's disappointing that the wind gods didn't get your message but heh - you could be sitting in an office!!! Lots of love - take care, looking forward to more podcasts and news. FAC xxx

Natasha from London 24/05/2006
Hi Rach Hope you are in good spirits - Just imagine George Clooney naked with booze and chocolate at the end! Love Tash x

Rhona and Kristjan from London and Reykjavik 24/05/2006
Despite the lack of wind - we've plenty of it here - we're hoping that you'll have a swift return to base. Good luck to Rachel and all of you, it is great to keep up with you via your websites, e-mails, podcasts. What a team. Love Rhoey and Kristjan.

Emma from Bournemouth 24/05/2006
Jen and the girls. Can't believe you haven't got any wind! Sam and Nell's sandpit lid has flown off at least 5 times today as its blowing a gale down here in not so sunny Bournemouth!!! Hope your sore hands get better. Missed your interview on Meridian last night - gutted! Thinking of you all the time. Lots of love, Emma xxxxx

Captain Sean Chapple FRGS RM from Lympstone 24/05/2006
Hi All, I am now back in the UK with fingers and toes all intact! Great to see your progress and hope to meet up on your return, maybe you would like a visit to the Commando Training Centre (without having to do the endurance course!). Good effort team, happy kiting

Toby from London 23/05/2006
Hi Jennifer, nice site, nice trip! Look out for them polar bears. Goodluck.

Alex from Cardiff 23/05/2006
Hello windless foxes! Just read the latest instalments and gutted for you guys! I tell you what though you may not have any wind but there's certainly been plenty of drama. Looking foward to arctic foxes the movie....think its gonna be a blockbuster. Big love to you all x x x

Margaret Baldwin from Exeter 23/05/2006
Best of luck and good wishes from Margaret Baldwin (cousin of Doug and Sally Martin, NZ)

Laura from Teston 23/05/2006
Hiya Jo, Felicity, Rachel and Jenny Congratulations so far. Just seen you all on TV. Good to see you all looking well esp Jo peeping out of your tent. Keep it going and here's to a successful return journey with lots of GOOD LUCK and best wishes Love from Laura and all the Pilbeam familyxxxx

Marion, Gordon and Glen from Goudhurst 23/05/2006
Congratulations on the wonderful first leg of your journey. So sorry to learn the weather is too good over there. Perhaps we could do a swap - send us your nice weather and we can send you the high winds we have been having here! We are keeping everything crossed for you and hope Cath's wind dancing has the desired effect! Love and best wishes from us all.

Stephanie from Melbourne for now 23/05/2006
I have truly enjoyed reading about all of the exploits of the arctic foxes...I am very impressed by the determination you guys have showed over the last several weeks. Hard to believe you have done all of that while I have been sitting at my desk job. My best to you Jenny!!

Kim from London 22/05/2006
What!? No wind!? Rubbish! The biggest tests come in the face of disappointment, so keep those heads high girls and enjoy your successes so far. We are behind you all the way even if the wind isn't!

Taryn Munro from Pacific Pines 22/05/2006
Hey i'm Taryn, i really love the arctic foxes. its really interesting. my mum doesn't really get what i love about it cause im only eleven. you know this is a really good website. you rock!

Samantha from London 22/05/2006
A few weeks ago I saw a young woman pulling a tyre behind her at Bushy Park. I thought it seemed rather an extreme thing to do, but today I found out about your trip through the met office website and have now discovered that she was one of the Foxes in training! Congrats on completing the first leg of your trip and all the best for the return leg. Rather you than me!!

Diane Toman from Winchester 22/05/2006
Dear Jo & all the foxes. Well done on the first leg & have my fingers crossed for strong winds for a speedy second leg. My orange foxes t-shirt is fab! Lots of love, Diane

Niklas from Finse 22/05/2006
Do not believe the forecast! ...and on the other side you will get the katabatic winds! As you know.. go for it! (;

Cath from Tonbridge 22/05/2006
What, no wind!? Boo -what a shame. We're having more than enough here for you in Tonbridge...and rain and thunder! Rubbish! No sitting in the garden with Pimms as I planned :o( Luckily there seems to be a lot of surplus warm Foxy kit lying around at Pippins, so I have stolen it all - ha ha! Thanks! About to go and do a wind dance for you. love Cath x

Ceciel DelaRue from London 21/05/2006
Hi to Jenny and the other foxes. Love the podcasts and well done so far!

Sally from London 21/05/2006
Rach and other foxy ladies,big congratulations on the first crossing, hope the Baileys landed alright...thinking of you Salx

Neil Williams from Exeter 21/05/2006
Hi Rach, just seen news of your fantastic achievement on Westcountry News. Well done to you and the Foxes and good luck with the return trip

Guy from Adventure First Aid 21/05/2006
Four girls sat in a tent with nothing else to do but talk..... and you have no wind!!!! Keep waiting and lets hope it arrives... keep smiling. Guyxx

Oli from London 21/05/2006
Well done on your crossing, sorry to hear you have no wind at the moment - hope that changes in time for your second record attempt!

Sally & Doug Martin from Christchurch NZ 20/05/2006
Hello Felicity, Jenny Jo and Rachael, Sorry it has taken so long for you to receive our message of Good Luck from down under, but believe me you have been in our thoughts, really great to know that you appear to be on target, and still going strong. We are full of admiration for all of you. So stay safe, travel well, and Good luck. Much Love from all the Martins in N.Z. Sally and Doug.

GC from Nuuk 20/05/2006
Go west, the sun does not set! Enjoy!

Kathryn from Belfast 19/05/2006
HI guys! It's so amazing that you've made it! I just listened to your podcast Jo - it all sounds phenominal, I'm so proud of you. Enjoy the Baileys and the sunshine - soak up some rays for me! Good luck with the race back! I have every faith you can do it! I'll be thinking of you lots, Big hug, Kat

Sally and Doug from Christchurch N.Z. 19/05/2006
Hello Felicity, and you other amazing Foxes so pleased you completed the first part of your epic race safely. We seem to have a job getting up to date news of you but guess you are on the return journey by now, we think of you every day and wish you well,go safely, but fast!!Love from all the N.Z. Martinsxxx

Vincent (Foxy Postman) from Tonbridge 19/05/2006
A very big hallo to all the girls. Just to let you know that I am very happy that all is going well and that you are all ok. Wishing you all the best and keep up the good work and I hope the weather holds up for you all. Best of luck. Vincent

Oaty from London 19/05/2006
Well done Foxes! Just listened to Vigorous Vellino on the podcast, glad that the sun is out now and your knee is holding up. Hope the food supplies got there and you are tucking into the maltloaf.Good luck for the return trip, we are all thinking of you! xxxx

Pat Spiers from Sydney 18/05/2006
Great job you guys! I wish I'd run into you lot on the ice. May you have a smooth 20 knot Southeaster for your return leg. Mail us on Pat

Keep trying to post a message and it seems to go wrong. We all want to send our congratulations and love to you all. Have a good rest,wash and relax until you can set off again. We will be with you ALL THE WAY Our love to you

Paul Cannon from Baltimore 18/05/2006
Well done, gals!!!!! Fantastic job. Enjoy the Bailey's and hope the weather gets good for your return. Paul x

Rob Peers from Tonbridge 18/05/2006
Well done girls so glad you made it; a fantastic achievement Jo - I'll buy you a double Baileys when you return!! Rob

Fred from   18/05/2006
Hi Rachel and Team! Congratulations. Enjoy the break before setting of again, trust all is well with you all and looking forward to seeing you back in one piece and high spirits. Take care and much love.

Seb from London 18/05/2006
Hello There. Hope you are fine in the freezing greenland. Don't worry too much here is a crap weather too! I send you a lot of love and luck, especially to you Jen. And say hello to that big bear behind you... Kisses Seb

Michelle, Dani and Natalie Miller from Winchester, UK 17/05/2006
You have done so well girls; we wish you all the best on your return journey and a safe trip home.

Luke from Providence, Rhode Island, US 17/05/2006
Congratulations on making it across, sounded pretty tough. Just the super fun bit to get back now! Luke

Becky and Holland from Ashcombe 17/05/2006
Hello Foxy ladies, Sending you all our love and thinking of you all the time. We are in Panama at the moment, heading off to Equador next week I think we definately got the best deal with the weather on our travels! Very Proud of my world record breaking sister Rachel and I can`t wait to hear all about it when you return. Oddles of love Bex and Holland xxxx

Sharon from Sydney 17/05/2006
Go Foxes Go! Congratulations on your crossing. You are all just so totally amazing. Everyone is very proud! It's hard to imagine frost bite when I'm sitting here in the Sydney sun! x

Katie & Aner from Tel Aviv 17/05/2006
Congratulations!!!! So so proud. Enjoy your quick rest and have a fast and safe journey back. xxx

Kenneth Westman Drake from   17/05/2006
Congratulations on your crossing, well done! /The Hilleberg Team in Sweden

Katharine Roberton from London 17/05/2006
Congratulations Foxy ladeez! Top Buzz! Still can't believe where you are and what you've achieved (albeit with the help of gaffer tape; I always knew there was no probem it couldn't fix!) All the best for the return leg. Can't wait to hear all about it Rach xx

Emma from Bournemouth 17/05/2006
Congratulations girls! We are so proud of you. Enjoy a few days rest. Lots of love Emma, Tim, Sam and Nell xxxx

Emily from London 17/05/2006
Well done foxy ladies and especially Rachel – I am so proud of you! How did you burst your sleeping mattress? I knew you shouldn't have packed those last-minute stilettos.... Good luck with the kiting and avoid falling into big holes, please

Kate Siveter from Clapham 17/05/2006
You did it! Em, Cath, Darren and I all toasted your incredible achievement last night. Hurrah!

DOE Silvers from London 17/05/2006
Congratulations Miss V and the rest of the foxes!! Keep it up x

Liz from Bishops Stortford 17/05/2006
Well done! Great news that you have all arrived safely. Enjoy your well deserved rest. I'll drink a toast to you tonight - pity you can't have one too. Liz

Ali G from London 17/05/2006
You did it - congratulations - I am so proud of you...and delighted that you are at last having a wash!! WAY TO GO GIRLS. Love Ali G x

AK from Wimborne 17/05/2006
Well done ladies, and congratulations on your crossing! I'm dead jealous -- I'd loved to have achieved something similar but like Jo the old knee keeps playing up, so I guess talking about it with her Dad and Mum will have to do for me.

Cath from London 16/05/2006
Go foxes go... Rach I'm phenomenally proud of you and all the foxes. Will have the flat stuffed with treats aplenty for your return and the heating on full blast. Please stop breaking things along the way. Well done all and keep your peckers up. Cath xx

Evil & Lucifer from   16/05/2006
Hooray!!! You've arrived! Well done, you amazing girlies!! No doubt there'll be an interview with The Sun. Get home safe and soon. See you on page 3!! Big hugs to Rachel. x

Guy from Adventure First Aid 16/05/2006
EXCELLENT NEWS! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ARRIVAL ON THE EAST COAST! I hope you are all full of wind for the crossing back!! Guyxx

Anna from St Albans 16/05/2006
Amazing! Congratulations to you all. Rest well and good luck for the return journey

Carol (FAC) from Sydney, Downunder 16/05/2006
Wow... favourite Little Niece, Felicity, Jenny and Rachel - how proud am I. Well done you awesome foursome. I have just got out of my snuggly warm bed into the freezing cold night (around 18 degres celsius) to send you a "fantastic--ally well done, amazing feat, incredibly proud" message from Favourite Auntie C from downunder. Was talking to Big Max earlier to see if they had heard, and then found out a little later this evening, that you had made it! I have been "yippieing" around the apartment - too late to ring up all my friends - so poor Rumbeau and Daisie have borne the brunt of my excitement. Going back to my snug doona now with the biggest smile from ear to ear all over my face. Now for the big monster feast, lots of rest, get those feet, gear and bodies back into shape to really show everyone what stuff you are made of. Go Foxieesss - lots and lots of love, FAC xxx

Katie & Aner from Tel Aviv 16/05/2006
Where are you???!!!!!Thinking about you all the time. Hope the weather is clearing up and that we are updated on your whereabouts soon. lots of love to you all xxx

Richie from Tonbridge 16/05/2006
Well done Foxes! Half way there! Jo what is it with the Vellino's and their knees? It's a twin thing eh? You're now on the long road home, which always goes quicker than the getting there, you'll be home before you know it so enjoy every step xx

Jenny Dean from Buckfastleigh 16/05/2006
CONGRATULATIONS! One record down, another to go. Good luck on the return journey. love Jenny

Claire Wright from St Albans 16/05/2006
Hi Jo & Fellow Foxes. How's it going? Hope the knee is holding up. Following your progress on the website. All is well here. Exchanged on the house last Wed. Move in a week on Fri. V excited. Did you know that Marie was pregnant? Due in Nov. How exciting. Keep your pecker up as my Granny would say. Can't wait to see your ugly mug when you get back. Love as always, C xx

Mo from London 16/05/2006
Hi Jo, Just wanted to say WELL DONE! Congratulations on your achievement! Mohamed Imran Noorgat (Teach First '03)

Stella Charlie and Milo from Brighton 16/05/2006
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Very proud of you all. Well done. Rest well and be safe on the journey home you record makers. Stella.x

Conny and Micka from London 16/05/2006
Hey Jen you made it!!! Congratulations to the Foxes! Enjoy the beautiful east coast before heading back. Keep your spirits up! Jen, not quite as challenging but next year same time we might be crossing la mancha. kisses

Pete, Sophie & Tom from Reading 16/05/2006
Congratulations, Rachel & Co. Great stuff (including podcasts). Wishing you a speedy & safe return.

Diane Toman from Winchester 16/05/2006
Dear Jo & all the foxes. Well done on completing the crossing, you are all amazing & an inspiration. Hope all goes well for the second crossing. Glad your knee better Jo. Take care, Diane xx

Jane and Jessica from Rome - Italy 16/05/2006
Can't wait to get home to my computer and check your progress. It's so exciting and now you've made it. It's incredible - well done all of you. Imagine the next bit will be really putting you all to the test - good luck.

Louise from London 16/05/2006
Hi there Girls! It sounds like you are having an amazing time....keep going! We hope the Cocodirect is keeping you warm and giving you lots of energy! Good Luck for the return leg, you are doing brilliantly! xx

Jerry Lowe from Newton Abbot 16/05/2006
Well done to the Foxes, an absolutely fantastic achievement! Wishing you the very best of luck for a safe, speedy and record breaking return crossing. Jerry

Ross & Nick from Toronto 15/05/2006
Hello Foxy-Fox Rachel & all other Foxy Ladies - so close to the end...almost there...must push close...can almost taste it. Would be a load easier if you stopped smashing all you equipment! So proud of you - you have done something really special. You even have your own North American fan club now. Can't wait 'til you are riding high all the way home on those crazy kites. xoxoxo Ross & Nick

Marloes from London 15/05/2006
Hi Jenny, it sounds amazing! Enjoy, you superwoman! X

Paul Cannon from Baltimore 15/05/2006
Hi, Jen. Jo and co. Good to see you are cruising along at marathon a day or so. Enjoy your success and rest and I hope the journey back puts you in the record books! Paul x

Amelia Paul from Bristol 15/05/2006
Hey there Rachel - and the other foxes, well done for getting this far. Been listening to the podcasts, you come across so well! When you get back Rach, there will be a scan picture of my little baby at 12 weeks for you to see! By the time I see you I will have a bump and a half! Good luck for the rest of the expedition, I am thinking of you all... Can't wait to see you and catch up in person Rach! Aaron sends love too.

Evil from London 15/05/2006
Rachel and Foxes, you are making phenomenal progress. Every day I wonder how you are and what it must be like for you. What you are doing is so a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Every day I hope for your safe return and that your knicker elastic is still holding out. Love, E.

Jane and James from London 15/05/2006
A true bunch of British fighters. Your progress is ever impressive, am pretty amused with all the damage you're causing though. I guess your equipment will be worthless by the time you get back so there will be no profits on ebay! Oh well, at least you can come back with a record under your belt, pretty priceless....rock and roll girls. xxx

Cate Dodkin from London 15/05/2006
Loving the website Pugh! I have passed the address to all the OTC boys in Iraq who are having a bit of a bad time, its certainly keeping them entertained! Good luck and keep the spirits up, lots of love, Cate

Milky Mages from Nunhead,London 14/05/2006
Hi Foxes or should I say Charlie's Angels?! Nice photo! Great pics and podcasts too. I have been thinking about you lots Jo. I even bought you a pressie for when you get back! (No, it's not red wine or spinach!) Just been to the natural history museum with the kiddies today. Nerd alert!! Loved it but not so great with a hangover! England misses you - one of it's best people. Best person, really! Love you, keep on slushing along guys.Love Kate/Milks X

Lucy and Ed from Clapham 14/05/2006
Keep going ladies, not far to go now.... Jo, think of all the nachos you can eat at the end! Loadsa of love, Luce xx

Inge Østergård and Tage Riis Johansen from Silkeborg, Denmark 14/05/2006
Hello Felicity, Rache,, Jenny and Jo! We wish you good luck and good health for remaining part of your adventure. You met us at Old Camp in Kangerlussuaq and we were very impressed by your spirit and enthusiasm. Stay "cool" in "North Denmark". Kind regards Inge & Tage, "South Denmark"

Elly & Will from Guildford 14/05/2006
Dear Rach + fellow foxes, Just listened to your podcast and read your diaries - very excited! Lovely to hear your voice, and very impressed with your progress - are you really finishing tonight?! Keep up the malt loaf - Elly has been! Wishing you lots of luck for a fabulous finish. Lots of love, Elly & Will xxx

Charlie from London 13/05/2006
Hey Foxes. Jen - great last pod cast! Hope you are thinking of the former of Guys thought experiments lol :-). Anyway good luck with touch down Sunday. Really bizarre to think of you doing all that hard work every day while we are getting on with our "ordinary" lives. Go SMASH the record! xXxx Ps do you really expect to be taken seriously wandering around the ice cap in those orange HH thermals?!

Hannah Fox from Nuneaton 13/05/2006
Hi Jenny, I know I haven't seen you since school but I just wanted to wish you well. It's good to see you all publicising my surname too. Hope you get to continue with your good progress. Hannah

Lindsay Fournier (nee Cunningham) from Oakville, Canada 13/05/2006
Jo, I am so proud of you! I check your web site out every day just to see the cool things that you have been up to! Good job and good luck to you and your foxes!

Milly and Matilda from Clevedon 13/05/2006
Hello Auntie Rachel, Matilda is getting bigger now and I am being the perfect big sister. Please come and see us as soon as you get back. We love you lots. Mum and Dad say hello and watch out for polar bears.

Jane & Jessi - Rome from Rome- Italy 13/05/2006
So pleased to see things are going well - we watch out every day with bated breath. Love from us both Rachel and all your friends.

Mary Galbraith from Edinburgh 12/05/2006
Felicity, Just wishing you and the team all the very best of luck with your amazing conquest - you're getting nearer all the time & I am willing you on! Pity I was out of reach for the training sessions...maybe next time?! Cheers, Maryx

Richie from Tonbridge 12/05/2006
Hey foxes. Keep up the slush trudging. Jo-ster it's difficult sending you a message which doesn't sound like 'nur nur' look what I'm doing and you're not. But just spent four days with Tim, Si and Iain in Bordeaux at vineyard. You would have loved it. And all the time I was trying the local produce (ahem) I was thinking how much you would have enjoyed it. When you complete your amazing trip we shall have to go. Love you lots. Keep trekking. Rx

Guy from Adventure First Aid 12/05/2006
Great second podcast. Morale is obviously far too high to worry about you not SMASHING the record there and back. If you want something to make you go faster think of Charlie naked with a tube of toothpaste either in front or behind you depending on your preference!! Lots of love The team at AFA

Cath from Tonbridge 12/05/2006
To my lil' sis and her foxy friends. Hope you are as warm as I am in my new Foxy sweatshirt! Jo - keep those big Vellino feet warm - its a large surface area to lose heat from! How are the pulks? Any new sponsorship deals from Duck Tape!? Keep it up Foxes - you'll be fab. C x

Michelle Jennison from Blackpool 12/05/2006
Hi, I just wanted to wish you good luck. Go for it :)

Emma from Bournemouth 12/05/2006
Hello Jen and the rest of the team. Just listened to the second podcast, so lovely to hear your voice Jen. You sounded very upbeat. Its really hot and sunny here, Bournemouth beach is waiting for your return. We'll be sipping pimms and eating fish and chips before you know it! Thinking of you all. Lots of love Emma xxxx

Jenny Dean from Buckfastleigh 12/05/2006
Hi Felicity & the Arctic Foxes team, Just wanted to say hello and that I'm following your progress daily. It sounds like you're doing great. All the best, Jenny

Stella from Brighton 12/05/2006
Hello ladies, I'm loving those podcasts! - (Rachel you'll need to explain yourself and those day dreams on your return). You foxes are making such fantastic progress! Well done! ridiculously proud of your girl power. Stella.x

Mrs A & Phillippa from Tonbridge 12/05/2006
Enjoying the updates and podcasts. Monitoring progress - almost like marking again!! You're doing a cracking job ladies keep it up!! It rather sounds like too much fun to be hard work though!!!! ;0) Though far too cold for Phillippa and possibly me. (definitely too cold for Ma!!!) Will follow your news with great interest.

Mum and Dad and Dogs from Dawlish 12/05/2006
Read about you every day, really proud of you all, enjoyed the last podcast, look after yourselves, lots of love. x x

Miranda, Chris, Calum & Inés from Bourg d'oisans, France 12/05/2006
Hello foxy chicks! Rach - v impressed with the website and updates on your progress, and also fab to hear your voice on the podcast. We really hope all is going well and that you are swiftly becoming a fantastic skier...! We look forward to checking out those cross country skier thighs of yours on the piste here next winter. Keep it up girls, thinking of you all lots. x x x x

Diane Toman from Winchester 11/05/2006
Hi Jo & all the Foxes. Well done on all your success so far. Keep it all up. About to go & buy my foxy t-shirt. Take care. Lots of love, Di x

Debby Egan-van der Kruit from Wreys Bush, New Zealand 11/05/2006
Hi girls!! Just a message to wish you all luck and admire you for your strength! It is lovely to read your stories and really thinking of you all! What an experience!!! Well done! Jo!! You can always come to NZ to chill out on the farm.......from your old travel mate, Debby

Kristie Horley (Stiven) from Sevenoaks 11/05/2006
All you ladies are awesome! Jo, I am so proud of you and what you are doing. Keep up the good work! Love Kris x

Sue from London 10/05/2006
Keep up the good work. You are doing a fantastic job!

Sue Gallagher from Herne Hill London 10/05/2006
You are all doing so well- a great inspiration to all of us fainthearted ones. Jo, you could not be a better role model for all would be Duke of E students. Hope you can see the stars occasionally. Best hopes Suex

Bonita, Leighton and Cameron Curtis from Dawlish 10/05/2006
Go for it! We are all behind you.

Tim Forrester from Maldon Essex 10/05/2006
Hi Felicity I have just got back from Resolute, via a party or 2 in Ottawa. Great to see your progress, keep it going. Its awesome what your doing. Take care. Tim (Polar XP).

Sally from London 10/05/2006
Hi Rach and other foxy ladies, thinking of you all and sending you lots of love....

Flora & Tom Corbett from Dunblane, Scotland 09/05/2006
Hey Felicity - I am not smart enough (or clever enough) to understand these podcasts but by the sound of it, it sounds as if you are having a fantastic time. Thank you SO SO much for the socks!!! We've been told that the twins are prob same sex but the hosp keeps changing their minds the whole time - but they will love them I am sure when they decide to arrive in the big bad world. Great to hear that you are all well and happy. Flora & Tom xx

Carol (FAC) from Mosman, Downunder 09/05/2006
Good-day you foxie awesomes. Just checked out Google again - couldn't believe all those hot guys I could see running after you across the icecap. Seriously though, we all think about all of you everyday and send you our positive vibes. I'm sending you warmth from Oz to keep those tootsies, fingers and noses warm. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the next PodCast. Lots of love and safe wishes to you all, and especially to my fantastic little niece of whom I am amazingly proud. Kisses and warm hugs, xxx

James and Jane from London 09/05/2006
Wow, sounds like you guys are doing brilliantly. Very excited following your progress. The very best of luck again and see you soon Jen. xxx

Andrew CC from London 09/05/2006
Hi Rachel (and the other foxes too) Am saving a Port for you to have with your cheese when back in Blighty though you may prefer a rose as a little warmer here! And Rachel, hope you are sleeping OK without your mattress too... Ax

Jane & Jessica from Rome - Italy 09/05/2006
To Rachel, We are watching out every day for your progress with many other Italians who are fascinated by your venture.It's so exciting Rachel we are so eager to keep up with your progress. Terrible about the mattress. Have you got time to read all those messages. Best luck and lots of love - take care.

Bonita Curtis from Dawlish 09/05/2006
Hi, this is a message for Rachel Fox. Hope all is going well for you all. Cameron and Leighton say Hi. Had a great time at Kathryn's hen weekend as Rhi has already said. I'm sure you will hear all about it at the wedding. Take care all of you. God bless. Love Bonita

Robin from   09/05/2006
Hi Girls, Just had lunch with Charlie. He keeps trying to persuade me to go on one of his courses so I can “save” him when he needs help on my sail boat! Good luck. Robin

Kate Siveter from Clapham 08/05/2006
Thinking of you all the time - especially Rachel Fox. So sorry to hear about the mattress and the MP3 player. Just keep on truckin' girl. We're all so proud.

Stella from Brighton 08/05/2006
Rachel - a treat to hear your voice on the podcast. I thought I had to buy a MP3 player to hear it, not just borrow some speakers, what a fool! Thinking of you every day, I don't let myself complain when I'm pushing the buggy up the hill because I'm just glad Milo doesn't weigh 50 kilos. I hope your speaker charger is working again. Very proud of you all!. Much love Stella.x

Orla and Steve from Sunny Swindon 08/05/2006
Brrr!! Sounds mighty chilly out there, but don't worry - not really sunny here at all. Hasn't stopped raining for last 2 days. Glad the high winds forecast didn't materialise. Hoping things continue to go well for you and it's lovely to receive the updates from Foxy HQ. Fingers crossed for the rest of the trip x

Charlie Holmes from London 08/05/2006
Well done girls. Great broadcast. Keep going, keep going until a little something inside you says "KEEP GOING". You're all stars. How is the toothpaste supply by the way (lol)? xXxx

Jo Lowe from Manchester 08/05/2006
Well done Foxes - it's amazing hearing all your news, and fantastic to hear how brilliantly you're getting on. Jo Jo-I hope your feet are starting to feel at bit better- I was thinking about them earlier when I found you some bridesmaid shoes! Bigs hugs and lots of love, Jo

Jo Lowe from St Saviour's and St Olave's 08/05/2006
All the girls at St Saviour's were amazed by how far you are walking each day and really inspired on Saturday prior to planning their assessed expeditions. Jo - they all did brilliantly, the bronzes nearly finished 2 days of route cards and the silvers finished all 3 days! All the girls wish all you Foxes lots of luck for the rest of your expedition and can't wait to see you when you get back.

Rhianon Williams from London 08/05/2006
Hi Rachel, wishing you all the very best you are all doing so well. All us girls are back from Kathryn's hen weekend, we had a lovely walk in the Malvern Hills on Saturday, we like to think it was our little way of supporting you on your long expedition. Take care, love & hugs to you all. Rhi x

Emily from Guildford 08/05/2006
Thinking of you all! I think what you are doing is amazing and I am very envious as I sit at my desk writing a report! Jo - Sending you an especially big hug to keep you warm! Can't wait to celebrate your achievement with you when you get home.xx

Kirsten from London 08/05/2006
A great big hello! to Jo and the girls ... I'm checking in daily to see how you are all getting on - it's great to receive the daily updates from the site! I'm so very proud of you all. Keep safe. XX

David Jacobs from North Bovey 06/05/2006
You are doing great,good luck in the rough weather this weekend.

Jo Burkhart (J'Ash) from Colorado,USA 06/05/2006
Congratulations so far, sounds like you're all having a blast! Jo, I hear that if you put your feet in someone's armpits it helps (with the cold!) but I would give it a go to help soothe yours!!! Stay safe and warm this weekend, love Jo x

yippee group from South east kent 05/05/2006
all wish you well Felicity hope expedition is as good as ours good wishes to all foxes

Gary Jarrald from Norwich 05/05/2006
Hi girls, I'm following your progress and wishing all the best, that satellite I supplied you is doing it's job I can see. Good luck your doing great. Gary

Ruth Whalley from   05/05/2006
Hey crew, it's Ruth from 'the weekend' Absolutely delighted to read about all your efforts and haven't you done fantastically well organising all of this. Am so proud of you all getting there and am enjoying each day finding out how you are all doing. V envious but keeping that in check. Keep going you are all stars. Will keep in touch Best regards Ruth

Nick Haisman from San Francisco 05/05/2006
Thinking of you all a lot - sounds like things are going really well! Monkey girl, sort out those 'spades'! Go for it Foxes! We're all right behind you! Big love, Nick

Charlie from Tonbridge 05/05/2006
Hey guys, just listened to the podcast and it made me very excited for you all, it sounds as if you are having a great time. I hope you reach your target on time and break those records and show the boys how it is done. Jo I hope your pulk and feet last out. Love Charlie xxx

SHARON S from Toronto, Canada 05/05/2006
Hello! This message is for Rachel Pearson. My name is Sharon S. I am from Toronto, Canada. I work with a gentleman name Nick. While on the subway with him, I noticed his Arctic Foxes pin, and enquired what it was about (thinking it had something to do with the Mozilla Firefox search engine). Nick was so delighted that someone finally noticed the pin, and went into great explanation talking about his friend in London who is going on a journey to cross the Greenland ice-cap!!! He also noted I should write you an e-mail, and check out this website. Hence, I have followed through with my promise. Congratulations, and best of luck! Warm Wishes, Sharon S

Kazza Solseg from Grimsby 05/05/2006
Can you hear the Pideraq approaching?

Charlotte from Kiehl's from London 04/05/2006
Dear Rachel and all the Arctic Foxes, I am enjoying receiving the daily updates from the site and monitoring your progress! We are so proud to be supporting you all on your amazing journey! Hope all of you are happy and well... and even though you must be freezing, we hope that your skin is healthy and glowing...! best wishes and good luck from all your friends at Kiehl's :-)

Jane and James from London 04/05/2006
Hi Jenny! We're thinking of you! Hope you're having fun! Jane and James XXX

Vincent (Foxy Postman) from Tonbridge 04/05/2006
A big hallo to all the girls. Jo, I spoke to your dad today and he told how well you are all getting on. I am so happy you are on target, sorry it is so cold but dont let that put you off. Anyway best of luck to you all and take care...good luck and talk again soon...Vincent

Kim van Niekerk from London 04/05/2006
Jo - if it gets too much for your feet you could be the fastest chick to cross Greenland on your behind! Hope you are having fun girls, keep going! xx

Alex from   04/05/2006
Great to hear your first podcast, well done Rachel! Felicity please avoid any more holes, Justin shouldn't have made you all so thin, then perhaps you wouldn't fall so far down!!! Jo, Jenny take care hunnies! Al x

Alison Goodman from London 04/05/2006
Fantastic to hear your cheery voice on the podcast Rachel - you've a career in journalism round the corner! Keep up the wonderful enthusiasm. Thinking of you and following your progress with great interest. Take care. Ali G xx

Liz from Bishops Stortford 04/05/2006
Hi Jenny and the other Foxes, I'm really pleased to hear and see your progress on the net. How great is the technology we have these days. I'm sure you must be feeling the strain a bit now, but keep it up - we are incredibly proud of you all! Liz

Guy from Adventure First Aid 04/05/2006
Great going so far. Keeping a beedy eye on your progress... Jo please take pictures of your feet. I do not believe they can get any worse after meeting them on the first aid course!! Keep up the great work... xxx

David and Jane from Ashcombe 03/05/2006
Foxes, great pod cast everything sounded pretty upbeat, gaffa tape and super glue sounds like Dad on the farm. Look forward to your next broadcast. Keep focused, Lots of love,Dad,Mum and Huskiesx

Fay from New York 03/05/2006
Jo - when is it your turn to do the podcast?! Warm wishes to all of you.

Catherine Linton from London 03/05/2006
So proud, with heartfelt foxy feelings of support for your venture.

Cath from Hitchin 03/05/2006
Just heard your first Foxy Podcast - Rach you were brilliant! Really, really proud of you - what an achievement by you all. I'm almost welling up which, trust me, is quite an achievement!! Keep going and keep smiling. Lots of Love. Cath (previously from THT)

Carol (FAC) from Mosman 03/05/2006
Hi you wonderful Awesome Foursome. Just listened to your broadcast - sounds great. It reminds me of the old BBC days, when everyone huddled around the radio waiting for news - well here we are - back in our comfy homes listening and waiting for news. Keep it up. Lots of love to all of you, Jo's FAC xxxx

S from London 03/05/2006
When reading the Sun Online today I came across your amazing expedition. I just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck and hope you get the record.

Heidi from London 02/05/2006
Rach and the other foxes... I'm eagerly awaiting the podcast later in the week. I hope it's not too nippy out there. Take care of yourselves and wrap up warm! Lots of love, Heidi xx

Tom from Tunbridge Wells 02/05/2006
All the best to Jo and the rest of the team. Thinking of you, there will be a big warming hug waiting for you on your return

Kathryn from Belfast 02/05/2006
To Jo and your foxy friends, I can't believe you're off - it's all so amazing - you must be having such a fantastic experience! All the luck in the world to all of you, I'll be following you all the way (not literally!) Take care, Go break those records, Lots of love and a big warm hug from Northern Ireland xxxx

Charlie Holmes from London 02/05/2006
Good luck foxes. We all knew the gaffa tape would come in handy. Hope you are all well and enjoying the challenge. Love Charlie

Evil from London 01/05/2006
Hello, Foxes. I saw the Sun web article today. If u'v not heard about it already, I'm sure you'll be tickled to hear you're described the 'sexy foursome' and 'gorgeous'. Hope Apple's digging skills are doing you proud and your first night went well. x

Robyn & John Good from Scotland 01/05/2006
All the best foxy ladies! Hope you have a big stash of chocolate. X Robyn & John

Rhona, Eryl, Lou, Kristjan from London, UK and Batavia, New York State,USA 01/05/2006
Best of luck to Rachel and the other foxes. While we are enjoying warm sunshine here in upper New York State we imagine you all as you start your adventure. Have a great time and stay strong. Love from Rhoey, Eryl,Lou (and Kristjan back in London)

Ross & Nick from Toronto 01/05/2006
Hello ''Always-Foxy'' Rachel (and the other foxes too). Wow - so many messages! Very excited for you and hope that Day #1 went well. No frostbite or Polar Bears yet, I hope. Although we are obviously hugely excited about your rendez-vous, I must admit that my cheers have been a softened slightly once I found out your dirty little secret to "smash the record" held by Canadian ladies. Don't smash it too badly - obscure winter sports are all that we have over here....loads of love and a big wiggle too... R & N

Second try to post a message. Think you will have started now and am so pleased for you all to be there and off. You have all worked so hard and so long for this moment. Will be waiting for the first bit of news. Love to you all and special big hug for Felicity xxxx (four foxy kisses)

Alex from   30/04/2006
Hi Girlies. Well you've arrived and hopefully putting all your hard work into action. Looking forward to an update! Sending you lots of big warm hugs XXXXX

Gordon, Marion and Glen from Goudhurst 30/04/2006
Hi all you Foxy Ladies. Firstly, well done on the London Marathon but now, most importantly, our very, very best wishes as you begin your expedition. Hope the extra orange padding on leggings keeps the nether regions warm and keep taking the tablets! Our fingers and toes are crossed for you. Love from us all.

Kate Mages from London 30/04/2006
Hi Foxes! Hope things are going well. Jo, Take That were amazing! Within seconds I knew it was worth the trip to Birmingham! They did the Beatles medley suspended over the crowd and Only Takes a Minute to the backing of Roxanne as done in Moulin Rouge. As you asked, the baps were flashed! Wish you had been there my darling. Sing some Take That songs as you trek. love Milky XX

Katie & Aner from Tel Aviv 30/04/2006
And you're off! We'll be following progress on the website so best of luck and watch out for the real foxes. lots of love xxx

Andrew Fisher from London / Whitstable 30/04/2006
Hi girls - good luck and hopefully you'll have peachy wind on the return. Everyone at Transition is wishing you the best and are keeping everyone updated on our site as well. Andrew xx

Leila from London 29/04/2006
Saw you at the marathon Ms Vellino! You looked a bit tired! Well I am sure you would be considering how far you had run... Hope everything is going well! Good luck! Leila X

Morten Lindholm from Kangerlussuaq 29/04/2006
Hi gals, Just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey. Keep up the spirit.. see u once again when u are back in Kang. Morten,OLD CAMP

James and Jane from London 29/04/2006
Jenny, you said that this would be the toughest week! We have every faith in your determination and ability, go beat that record xxxxxxxx

Jane and David from Ashcombe 29/04/2006
Good luck foxes on your epic challenge we will be with you all the way. Much love from the two

Tina Fotherby from London 28/04/2006
Wishing you a superb adventure of a lifetime in awesome territory. I'm really looking forward to following your progress! Best wishes to Felicity and team! Tina

James Maslin from Beijing 28/04/2006
Good Luck to you all, Jo bit colder to being on yachts in Whitsundays, but the wind aspect is the same!!! Watch out for any polar bears with their paws over their noses, they're the clever ones!!!

Eddie Short from Bristol 28/04/2006
Hiya Jo and all the girls, well you're off, so good luck to you.. as you leave so I return, will have to catch up on all our adventures when you get back... take care and godspeed, may the wind be with you... Ed xxx

Ped from You can take a boy out of Yorkshire... 28/04/2006
Woweeeee, rip those gnarly ice caps baby! good luck and see you soon xx

Sarah Long & Andrew White from Richmond 28/04/2006
Hi Jo, Lovely to speak to you again and hear about your exciting plans. Wishing you the very best of luck with the quest and I know that you'll make a success of it. Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Lots of love Scary and Andrew xx

Cath from Basra - soon to be Tonbridge! 28/04/2006
To my fantastic sis and her crazy foxy friends, good luck and have an amazing time. I will be thinking of you all. I will be leaving this place shortly, so not sure when I'll be back in contact. Take care. Cath x

Richard Galpin from Tonbridge 28/04/2006
Are you going to be wearing the apple outfits on your "little trip"?

Evil & Lucifer from London 28/04/2006
Rachel and the Foxes, you are so brave! Hope your knicker elastic can take the strain of all that walking/skiing/kiting or you'll be stuffed! Hope to see you safe and in one piece very soon. All the luck and love in the world, Evil & Lucifer.

Grant Sonne-Clifford from Nuuk 28/04/2006
Will be passing through sondre strom thursday next week on the way to blighty wouldn't mind a chat if you guys are around? or if you get a chance to travel to Nuuk feel free to op in. Good luck Grant followed up by email.

Isla and Rosa..... from London 28/04/2006
Hope its going well miss v!!!

Amy and Louise from bmf! from Putney 28/04/2006
..and you're off. Best of luck to all of you crazy ladies. Will be following progress closely and wishing you luck, health and speed. xxx

Marion Williams from Exeter 28/04/2006
Hi Rach, make sure you drag that saggy bottom of yours all the way home. Really admire what you are doing, go kick ass........

Moira from London 27/04/2006
And so you're off!!! Lots and lots and lots of luck. Will be thinkin of ya! x

Carol from Mosman Australia 27/04/2006
Good luck all you Foxie Ladies. We'll all be with you all the way. Hope to speak to you tonight Jo(my time your Thursday am) before the big departure. Lots of love and luck FAC xxx

Wendy Arthur from Canterbury 27/04/2006
Best wishes Felicity and foxy friends. Think it might take you a bit longer than five and a half hours, that pink suit you wore for that stroll around London on Sunday might help keep you warm though. Hope you've got your douvkie foot as well as your St Christopher. Love Wendy, Kel, Hayley, Ben and Suzixx

Jo G from Bath 27/04/2006
Hi Jo - just to say good luck to you and all the team! I am sure you will do brilliantly - can't wait to hear all about it at the next T/L meeting... Best wishes, Jo x

Jo Fox from Copenhagen YHA 27/04/2006
Well we're on our way! I'm writing this from our youth hostel in Copenhagen. We fly on to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland first thing tomorrow and the adventure will begin! Thanks for all your support... and please keep it up over the coming weeks. It will be so lovely to receive your messages (via our Project Manager Rob) while we are out on the ice! I guess we'll see you when we get back on the 5th June!

Jo from Sheffield/Manchester/Leicester! 27/04/2006
Big big big luck and lots of love to you as you're heading off later. What you're doing is so amazing! Jo - thank you so much for the hoodie, it's the best present in the world ever! Looking forward to record breaking celebrations when you get back. Big Hugs.

Orla & Steve from Swindon 27/04/2006
A friend of ours spotted you (Felicity & Jo) in your ''apple numbers'' at the London marathon. Hope the legs are raring to go again across that ice! Best of luck to all of you and hoping you won't need those adventure first aid skills!

Lindsay Fournier (nee Cunningham) from Oakville, Canada 27/04/2006
Jo! Good luck hon! I'll be thinking about you - I can't wait to see your name in the Guiness Book of World Records! Love Linds

Becky Marlow from Cornwood, Devon 26/04/2006
Dearest Jen, lovely to see you and the team the other day, just wanted to wish you all the very best over the next few weeks. No mad running like we did in Langtang!! You're a tough cookie and I know that you'll have a wicked time! Loads of love from your Hot Rockin buddies Becky and Stuart xxxxxxx

Fiona Hobbs from London 26/04/2006
Can't believe you're nearly on your way. Still think you're mad as foxes' brushes, but am full of admiration for you (although a little startled by your biceps, Rachel!) I'm just off to buy a net of toads from the market in Yangshou, China and set them free as an odd gesture of support... Have fun and don't cuddle the polar bears, however cold you get. Big hugs Fee xx

Sam Dickinson from San Diego, California 26/04/2006
Go for it girls! Jo - you made it through Teachfirst - you can do anything! All the best to you all. Sam

Claire Hall, from London 26/04/2006
Since we sent you up Cotopaxi it's like you've never looked back! I knew you were always one for adventure Rach but it sounds like you've gone for it big time with this one so the best of luck to you & all the foxy ladies. I'll be watching your progress with awe and I'm keeping my fingers crossed the kite flying goes without mishap and the polar bears keep their distance ;0) Enjoy & take care x

Sarah Long (Scary!) from Uni 26/04/2006
Hi Jo, Lovely to catch up with you and learn about your amazing quest! Wishing you all the best with the challenge and I know you'll make it a success! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Take care xx

Steve Taylor from Shaldon, Devon 26/04/2006
On behalf of myself, Pat, Marion, Sharron, Nikki et al, the very best of good luck to our good friend Rachey and her colleagues. Go, go, go for it, Foxes, and Rachey, we look forward to seeing you later in the year.

Sally from London 26/04/2006
Hey Rach and team, so lovely to see you, big luck and love with your adventure will be thinking of you all the way big love salx

Nicole Worth from London 26/04/2006
Wishing you the very best of luck for the expedition. Nicole (BMF member)

Stephanie Milgate from Tonbridge 26/04/2006
Hiya Jo - best of luck to you all on this fantastic opportunity & worthy cause. Well done for sticking with all the training & I will keep an eye on your progress as you go. Lots of love Stephanie xxx

Foxy Postman (Vincent) from Tonbridge 26/04/2006
Good luck to all the foxy girls and may you have a safe trip both ways

Hylton from London (Cape Town) 25/04/2006
Go the Foxy Foxes ! Only 48 hours to go. The best of the best of luck ! Nail it ! Enjoy it ! And VASBYT !

Anna Cooper from St Albans 25/04/2006
Good luck and have a fantastic adventure, I''m a little bit on awe of you all. Rach, we''ll have the beers waiting for your return.

Luke Gilbert from Providence, Rhode Island 24/04/2006
Hi there, Hope to speak to you before you go Jenny. Have a great and speedy trip, foxes! Luke

Guy from Adventure First Aid 24/04/2006
"What Lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" (Oliver Wendall Holmes). You have proved already you have more than what it takes within you so now go enjoy the wilderness. Take care and if you hear a fox hunting horn, kites up and ski like F***!! Guy xxx

Nick Haisman from San Francisco, California 24/04/2006
Dear Jo, Felicity, Jenny and Rachel, Wishing you all the best of luck for this amazing expedition. May the wind be at your back the whole way! Have a superb time - can't wait to hear about it all when you get back. I'll be thinking of you all, Nick

Dave Rose from Kuito, Angola 24/04/2006
To Jo and the team. Best of luck for your exciting trip, I will be following your progress from my hot and dusty office here in Angola, dreaming of snow and ice!

Nicky Hayward from Tonbridge 24/04/2006
Good Luck Jo I'm sure you will be great and congratulations on the London Marathon!

Hannah from London 23/04/2006
To Jo and all the rest of you foxy ladies....GO GIRLS!! You inspire the rest of us! I wish you all the best, I know you'll do yourselves proud. I'm with you all the way and hope to join the next mission! BIG LOVE Hannah (tour leader extraordinaire!!) XXX

Katharine Roberton from London 21/04/2006
Ahoy there Foxy Ladies, I'm away on annual leave next week so before I go for a relaxing mini-break in Brugges, I wanted to send my very best wishes for your mammoth not-quite-so chilled (in one sense anyway) mini-break in Greenland! All the very best, I'll be keeping my eye on your progress. Go Rach! xx

Paul Cannon from Baltimore 21/04/2006
Hi, Jen and all the Foxes. Wishing you the best of luck with the polar bears and am looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. Maybe you should all come to Baltimore and try the trapeze....then you would be the Arctic Flying Foxes!!! Paul x

Andy Barwick from Manly, Australia 21/04/2006
Hey chunky and the other spunkies. What's the contingency plan for a polar bear surprise during midnight toilet trips out into the frozen night? Do you radio back for assistance (given your hands are full)? Drop your bundle and run? Lay a paper trail on the way out so you can find your way back? Or stay inside the tent and hold till morn? I am so excited for you and cant wait to follow you online. Cheers, Andy

Sam Eve from   21/04/2006
Good luck Foxes! Thinking of you lots in these last few hectic days. Totally know what you're going through - just remember, we're all routing for you back home! Lots of love, Sam x (Flis's Polar Challenge team mate)

Trev (from the near past) from East London 20/04/2006
Go Rachel and the foxes....

Lindsay Fournier from Oakville, Canada 20/04/2006
Jo! Cath passed this along and let me tell you, I am super impressed! This definitely beats the few kilometres we probably walked in Asia! ha ha! Make sure that you take cards to play s**t-head! You are a bloody super star! Miss you!

Rachel Sweetman from Tonbridge/London 20/04/2006
Hi Jo - this looks absolutely AMAZING and so brave of you all, I'll be watching your progress on the website. Best of luck, my jaw actually dropped open when I read what you're planning to do xx

Tooting Republic - Corera, Chapman and Herbert from London 20/04/2006
Go for it Rachel and co. Love from the Tooting crew! xxx

Emma from Bournemouth 19/04/2006
My dear Jen! I am so envious, I would just love to be going with you. Sadly my adventure/travelling days are over for a while now that I'm a Mum. I'll be thinking of you all the way. Take care my lovely, Emma. (Big hug from Tim and kisses from little Sam and Nell)

lemoine from arlanc 18/04/2006
Merry Easter, Wishing all best conditions, most of all trust in the spirit of Eole and the sliding world A Vent ure cas Mi case Kind regard Sylvain

James Gorick from London 18/04/2006
Rachel - I had no idea that you are as mad as you clearly are! I have tremendous admiration for both you and the foxes and wish you the best of luck for a safe & very speedy crossing. We will be glued to the website following your progress. Lots of love...

Cassandra from London & Isle of Wight 15/04/2006
Hi Jenny, very nice meeting you and hearing about your arctic adventure. The best of luck to you and the team, I shall keep a keen eye on the site to see where you are at. And don't forget to develop the regeneration facial treatment that us girls will love to have! Good Luck.

Jamie Spurway from Glasgow 14/04/2006
May the path rise up to meet your feet. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon face and the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. (Take "fields" as figuratively as you like!) A Celtic journey blessing for Jo & foxes from Jamie.

Gordon, Marion and Glen from Goudhurst 14/04/2006
Happy Birthday Jo for the 19th. We wish you and your Foxy Ladies every success in your venture. After all the work and training you have put in, have fun and enjoy! Love from us all. xxx

John (Lippy) from Canberra 13/04/2006
Hi Jo, Carol forwarded your website and is great watching with envy the teams development and preparation. I have just got a day tramp up Mt Koskiousko to look forward to this year...Good luck to all of you next month.... Living the dream.

Anne from London 12/04/2006
Ladieeeeees... You are MENTAL!!! But in a good way of course! I bet you're having the time of your lives, it takes real guts to do something like that. Good luck and be safe! xx a friend of a friend

Fiona from London (Tonbridge) 11/04/2006
Well Jo I'm sure you were expecting a few blasts from the past once the news got out, so here's one from me! Wow, impressive stuff... wishing you lots of luck and don't forget to pack some warm socks. x

Sallie from Bristol 11/04/2006
Wow Jo! If I had to guess the one person at uni who would do this, it would be you. Am so envious! I just know you''ll make a huge success of it and will follow your progress closely. Best wishes Sallie

Katy Robinson from Hildenborough 11/04/2006
Yes, I´m still in South America 6 months later but that´s no excuse. Sorry I didn´t sign up sooner. But here I am, wishing you all the very best of everything you could wish for! Love from Katy xxx

Stew Hill from Barnsley, South Yorkshire 10/04/2006
Fliss with a box of doughnuts all to herself! That sounds about right. The very best of luck and God's speed to you girls. Take care and come home safe. We will all be cheering you on! Love Stew, Sam & Ollie. X

Sam Brocklehurst from Reading 10/04/2006
Best of luck to the Foxy Ladies. I am so impressed and inspired by what you are all about to undertake. Jo - from the little time we spent together last week I have no doubt that you will make it through those dark and lonely hours kiting across the snow!! Think of the stories you will be able to share. Lotsa love Sam xx(Algerian Tour Leader)

Rose Nelson from Mornington, Australia 10/04/2006
Rachel, Thanks for your email. I am not at all surprised that you are undertaking something this huge and exciting - well done, you will be in my thoughts and I can't wait to hear more. Maybe you could stop off in Melbourne when The Foxes attempt something in The Antarctic?? We would love to see you. Lots of love and luck for a successful journey Rose xx

Tracey Carter and Jo Taylor from London 09/04/2006
Hope the trip is all that you dream it will be and we look forward to celebrating on your return!

Katie & Aner from Tel Aviv 09/04/2006
Rach and all the Foxy girls, We are totally in awe of what you are doing. Good luck with the last bit of training and for the months ahead. Lots of love x

Antoinette from London 09/04/2006
WOW. Hi Jo and all the foxes... I am so completely in awe of what you''re doing and will be following all your successes from now on (and checking up on you Jo - I''ve ordered a green hoodie so we can match now!).. So fab to have met such an amazing gal. Rarely do I meet someone who inspires me as much as you have... I think you''re fabulous and amazing and I wish you all the very very best of time PLEASE can I come??! Keep in touch...Love, Antoinette (the Pianist from Lapland) XXX

Jo Burkhart from Colorado, USA 07/04/2006
Safe Travels Girls!!! Have fun at the party - sorry I can''t make it. If you don''t get enough cold, snow and ice on your trip, you''re more than welcome to come visit me!!!! Love Jo

Lara from London 07/04/2006
Go girls! Just imagine the stories you will be able to tell when you come back. I can''t wait to hear them... in front of a nice glass of wine, in a nice warm pub! Rachel, lets ketch up soon (... when you are a little less busy!)

Steve Jones from London 07/04/2006
Best wishes Felicity and Vixens. Having skiied across the icecap in the other direction way back in the 20th century, I know you will have a wonderful and amazing time. Good luck. Great website - I look forward to following your progress.

Stuart Edmonds from London 07/04/2006
Wrap up warm, won't you?

Alison Goodman from Barnet 07/04/2006
Way to go girls! Good Luck. Look after each other. I think you are amazing. A xxx

Elizabeth Harwick from London 06/04/2006
Congratulations! (As I know you'll be successful.)

Katie Norriss from Bath 05/04/2006
Good Luck! I'm very jealous, I'd love to do what you are doing, keep me posted on future expeditions!!!

Ned Walley & Tim Warmath from London 05/04/2006
Go Rachel! And the rest of the foxes too! :-) xo Ned & Tim

Emily Brooks from London 04/04/2006
Go foxes! And take some warm clothes - you'll catch your death

Kim van Niekerk from London 04/04/2006
"They can because they think they can." - Virgil. An amazing quest, that I am sure you will conquer with foxy flair. Go girls!

Amanda from Bucks 04/04/2006
Good luck - may the force four be with you!

lobsang from london 04/04/2006
Hi do you remember me? I met you two in Richmond Park in London. I just want to say good luck. If you have finished crossing the ice I hope you all had good time.

lolo from richmond (London) 04/04/2006
Hi Jo It's me remember, I met you and your friend in Richmond Park. How have you been up to. Sorry for not sending message earlier. Hope you had good time. Maybe have good time and good luck. lolo

uc4 ltd from Sutton Coldfield 03/04/2006
Good luck, have a great time, enjoy yourselves!!!!!

Anna from Stokie 03/04/2006
Best of luck girls - will be rooting for you all the way. Keep safe and warm (yeah right!) and relish that malt loaf! x

Sandra from Tonbridge 31/03/2006
Jo It was great to meet you today, thank the girls from me and know I will be thinking of you and ALL THAT MALT LOAF!! With determination like yours how can you not succeed!!!

Marty from Brum 31/03/2006
Well who'd a thought it? Scrawny little Jenny who got out of puff from one length of Wyndley.. is slowly taking on the world, and winning! I was about to ask if you wanted to come along for 4 days on snow rackets across the Pyrenees - but now I bow down to you oh snow goddess! xx

Tim Ross from East Sussex 29/03/2006
Hi Jo - wow what an adventure hope all goes well! Love Tim x

Ali Pollock from Bristol 29/03/2006
Good luck Jenny and the other foxes!! Am astounded by what you are undertaking, it is truly inspiring. Shall be thinking of you and keeping up to date with your adventure xxx

Lauren Batters from London 27/03/2006
I would just like to wish all the team good luck and say that all the class wish you good luck as well,and also Miss Vellino the class miss you and you are the best geography teacher ever!!!!!

Moira from London 26/03/2006
Rachel! You go girl!! What an inspiration! Hope training is going well...that reminds me - must hit that gym...Hmmmm.....

Mr and Mrs Darren Siveter from London 25/03/2006
Very proud of Rachel and all the other Foxes. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Kate and Darren Siveter

Carol from Mosman, Sydney, Australia 24/03/2006
Dear FLN and the other Foxies: Not long to go now - when are you planning to rob the bank to make the trip in luxury!?!? Lots of love to everyone, FAC xxx

Jo from Tonbridge 24/03/2006
In response to my Auntie's comment about the bank robbing... doesn't she know that Felicity and I are from the now infamous Tonbridge?!?! (£50 million should just about cover it......) Jo V x

Jo's Auntie C! from Sydney, Australia 24/03/2006
Go Foxie Gals - show the boys what fantastic stuff you are all made of. Lots of Love, FAC xxx

Heather from Sheffield 23/03/2006
Good luck in your amazing challenge...I will follow your progress and think warm thoughts for you in May!

Jane, Richard and Billy from London 22/03/2006
Good luck ladies! We think you are mad, but marvelous!

Richard Smith from S-Gravenhage, Netherlands 22/03/2006
You've got to be Inuit to win it!

Elizabeth Happer from Bishops Stortford 22/03/2006
I shall look forward to hearing all about your adventures from the comfort of my own warm home! Good luck and keep safe.

Nick 'n' Ross from Ontario 21/03/2006
To Rachel and her lovely friendly foxy lay-deez. Wishing you all the luck in the world! You are all clearly crazy but have our respect and admiration for the adventure you are about to take. Take care of each other - Nick and Ross.xx

Suzette Grey from London 20/03/2006
Good Luck Ladies Jo it was a pleasure working with you. Take care of yourselves. Lots of love Suzette xxxx

Ruth from Weymouth 20/03/2006
Good Luck Jenny! I'm totally in awe of all 4 of you! x

Eddie S from IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20/03/2006
Go girls go! Thought that my last message was too near the bottom of the list so about time to send another one and keep up your spirits, so GO GO GO and good luck... hope that the tyre dragging is not too painful, tee hee hee.... Well Done and keep on Pulling.... ;-)

Hylton from London 20/03/2006
I'll be following your build-up and actual event with great interest. I know you guys will absolutely ace it, so go for it !

Hannah from London 20/03/2006
Go miss vellino! u wer the best teacher ever so best of luck u kite flyer! luv hannah xxxxxxxxx ps: thanx 4 all ur help @ duke of ed w/e!! i wouldn't hav done it without u!

Peter H Sayer from Tilstock 19/03/2006
From the next door neighbour of your Aunt Freda. We wish you well.

Dan Irving from Malvern 17/03/2006
Jenny and all the girls!!!! Good luck ladies, spent 3 weeks with Jen climbing in Egypt. I know she's a tough cookie and I'm sure you're all gonna have a great time and kick ass!! But Jen remember your tent this time, caves will be a lot colder in Greenland!! x

Debbie from London 16/03/2006
Good luck Jo and the rest of the team. I hope the training is going well, you are an inspiration to us lazy people!! You've come a long way since Woodlands eh Jo?? All the best and enjoy yourself, this is an amazing experience - you rock! Lots of love xx

Rosa from London 15/03/2006
Good luck miss v!!

Charlie from Tonbridge 15/03/2006
Hi Jo, well what can I say other than I hope you have an amazing journey and I am in complete awe of what you have set out to achieve. I'll be following your progress all the way. GOOD LUCK to you all and come back safely! x

Hylton James (Team Polaris, 2005 North Pole Challenge) from Putney, London 15/03/2006
Hi Felicity and Jenny, Jo, and Rachel. Awesome stuff - will be following your build-up and actual event with great interest. Best of luck, and I know you're going to absolutely nail it - go fot it !!

Andy Ford from London 14/03/2006
Inspiring stuff. Go girls!

Caroline and Matt Baugh from London 13/03/2006
Best of luck Felicity and all the team - looks like a great trip and I'm sure it will be fantastic - very jealous.... Loads of Love Caroline and Matt (Polar Challenge 2005 - Team Darfur)

Paige Nicolson - SSSO student from St Saviour's & St Olave's, London 13/03/2006
Good luck Miss Vellino! Have a great time in Greenland!

Eu-Loong Lim from Bordon 12/03/2006
Good Luck Jen!!

Jo Vellino from Tonbridge, but heading to Norway in a few hours.....! 11/03/2006
Thanks again for all your messages! Soooooooooooo wicked to hear from you all. Just to let you know that Jen, Felicity & myself are all off to Norway (the beautiful Finse) in literally a couple of hours for some more kite-skiing action. Home on Sunday 19th. Can't wait!! Keep messaging and looking forward to catching up upon our return.... x

Isla from London 11/03/2006
Hi Miss V, good luck with the trip!!! Can't quite believe you are coming back from Norway then the next day coming with us!! Isla xx

Leila from London 11/03/2006
Good luck Miss V!! Hope you have a great time and see you when you get back...Duke of Ed the next morning! FUN FUN FUN! xx

Cath Lovesey from London 10/03/2006
Go foxes go! We're very proud of you...

Liz Craddock from tonbridge/ London 09/03/2006
Hi Jo, this looks fantastic, I'm rather jealous of your ambition to take on the world. Get involved, enjoy yourself and don't ever give up - it will be worth it once you look back at this incredible achievement. Good luck, Liz. xxx

Abes from Norfolk 09/03/2006
Josie! I'm soooo excited for you all as you prepare for this amazing journey and in awe of what you have set out to achieve. I'll be following your progress all the way, GOOD LUCK and come back safely! x

Becky and Holland from Bristol 08/03/2006
Good luck to you all. I know it’s a huge challenge but I'm sure you have the courage and determination to do it with style! Rachel, it was fun (and a little scary) to go kiting with you in the mud last weekend, I hope we can do it again in Devon before you go x

Rob Streeten from London 08/03/2006
Hey foxes, so impressed at what your undertaking and maybe a little jealous too. Best of Luck. By the way; Jenny, were you at Bristol Uni?

Amelia Paul from Bristol 07/03/2006
VERY impressed by this trip and i can't believe the training you are having to do... exhausting stuff! Rachel, I know you can do it, and to all the other foxes, loads of luck and thoughts.....

John Johnston from London 07/03/2006
Go for it!

Stella, Charlie and Milo from Brighton 07/03/2006
Go, Go, Go! Fly like a bird, ski like a pro, conquer as a team and come home safe to your friends. x

Cath Cole from Herts 07/03/2006
I take my hat off to you all for what you are aiming to achieve - it tires me out just thinking about it! Good luck. Cath x

Claire Stevens from Cambridge 07/03/2006
Amazing, amazing, amazing! All the best with your incredible plans! All that training!!- sounds like you really will be prepared for anything once you hit that snow!! Rachel- apparently you're still doing the marathon on top of everything else so I might bump into you although I've a feeling you'll be way up front giving young Paula a run for her money!!! Best of British!

Stella from Brighton 07/03/2006
Rachel, I'm so proud of you, my gutsy friend. You and the other ladies will do brilliantly. Good luck to all of you. I will watch the website for every progress report x

Charlie from London 06/03/2006
Saw you in Richmond Park the other day and couldn't quite belive what you were up to until I read more here! Good luck for the trip and I hope the sun is in your face and the wind at your back all the way.

Charlie from London 06/03/2006
P.S. when you see the penguins you've got lost.

Katerina Syngellakis from Basingstoke 06/03/2006
What an amazing adventure and what an inspiration it is to see an all-female team doing this! Go girls!

Lucy Bunn from London 06/03/2006
Go girls! Best of luck with everything....all your training and obviously for the quest. I know you will do brilliantly. Lots of love Lucy xx

Katerina from Southampton (and Crete) 04/03/2006
Go girls!!! An inspirational adventure - I couldn''t be more jealous... GOOD LUCK!!

Gareth Dowd from Warwick 02/03/2006
Chunky it''s an interesting way to justify eating 1000 energy bars in 6 days (that must be some kind of record too?). But will be an awesome achievement so good luck to you and the other Foxes. Brutus xx

Martin Cook from Perthshire 02/03/2006
One-way across Greenland seems a tough enough prospect, but there and back?? Hardcore! Go for it.

JPierre and Maria from Montreal 02/03/2006
Hello Jenny, hello girls!! What a team and what a trip! I feel really excited for you!! I'll be glad to hear from you on the net and I wish you a good preparation till your departure (learning how to hunt the white polar bears may be a useful survival tip!!)

James Aldridge from Malvern 02/03/2006
I'm very envious of you all - it will be an amazing adventure and you'll have an awesome time.

Helen Lewis from Cambridge 02/03/2006
Wow, awesome Jen and co. Best of British to you on your most excellent adventure!

le moine sylvain from Arlanc 02/03/2006
For jenny in français: t'en as fait du chemin pour te motiver vers le pole, conquérent de l'inutile, aventurier des temps modernes, fellicitation pour cette superbe idée concrétisé en expédition... je vous envoie à toutes mes meilleurs pensées pour la fin de votre entrainement et pour cette extraordinaire course. je souhaite qu'éole vous accompagne tout le long de ce périble et que l'esprit de la nature entende votre motivation pour guider vos skis sur cette si précieuses réserve d'eau... bon voyage!

Helen Vaughan-Jones from London 02/03/2006
Good luck foxes! Hope the trip goes well and that you have the adventure of a lifetime!

Ed Pugh from ??? 01/03/2006
Go girls!

Jo Vellino from Tonbridge 28/02/2006
This is a message to all those who keep visiting the site and leaving messages... THANK YOU! It is sooooooo much appreciated. Having a dark week of training this week & keep craving hot cross buns... resist resist! Thanks for keeping us all going :O)

Charlie Fox from London 28/02/2006
Go Foxes go! (from one very temperate Fox). Have a great time and Rachel, don't forget your hat and gloves... I think you'll need them!

Catherine Michel from London 28/02/2006
Good luck with your crazy venture!

Alice Farebrother from Greenwich, London 28/02/2006
Good luck girls! I heard about your mammoth expedition through my cousin's girlfriend Di, who is a friend of Jo's. I'm in awe! Lots of warm and toasty thoughts will be coming your way during May... Well done!

Phillippa & Michele Aldhouse from Tonbridge 26/02/2006
P - You are truly an inspiration Jo and team! I think I can forgive your absence from my wedding for this!! M - Good luck girls! Great stuff. REALLY impressive! It seems only yesterday I was teaching you English Jo!!

Lyn and Allan Morehen from Sydney, Australia 26/02/2006
Dear Jo and team. We wish you well. We are sending by express post some of our sticky and hot weather. It will keep you warm. Seriously well done and have fun. Love The Morehens

Jenny Dean from Devon 24/02/2006
Go for it girls!!! I know you can do it....

William from London 24/02/2006
Good to meet you last weekend as you dragged your tyres around. What you're doing is great! All the very best. Will

Ed Short from Iraq 24/02/2006
Jo, good luck to you and your bunch of loonies. Wish i could be there with you, but will see you for sure afterwards... heyho silver! Best of British and I shall keep up on all your news even from the desert.

Robyn Good from Australia (but living in Scotland!) 23/02/2006
You Go Girls! Jo - Hey Cuz very proud of you.... Keep those toes warm!

Dom ...old.`Team Deliverance` from Northants 22/02/2006
Best of luck Felicity and to your Foxy team mates. Remember, if that bear comes a prowling... the sleeping bag zipper is a....`defrosted`.. Good on yer....

Luke from London 22/02/2006
Nice one Jenny and fellow foxes. Enjoy the training, saw the article in Metro...

Steve at S & S from London 21/02/2006
To Jo and the rest of the team. All the best girls! It will be a remarkable achievement and I have no doubt that you'll do it. Jo, I'll miss you harrassing me at work!

Tavienne Kelly from London 21/02/2006
Hi Felicity, I wish you and the team all the luck in the world. I'm as jealous as hell as it looks like the most fantastic challenge. Great Metro write up today too. I hope you raise loads of cash for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I hope you do it. Ex - Polar Challenge Buddy, Tav...xx

Christine Koszowenko from London 21/02/2006
I wish you all the luck in the world. I wish I could do it but alas I don't think I'd ever reach the level of fitness required. I'll be checking your progress all the way - I think it's great what you are doing! Best Wishes

Emma Soar from Shearman & Sterling, London 21/02/2006
I think what you are doing is amazing (if a little crazy!) Good luck Jo!

Julie Law from Barnes SW13 21/02/2006
Saw you in Richmond Park early on Saturday morning. Very impressed - Good luck!

Fay Smith from New York 20/02/2006
Jo - You're an inspiration! Good luck to all of you on this superb trip.

Adventure First Aid from South West 20/02/2006
Great website. Looking forward to the course in April... what do you get if you cross a vampire with a snowman..... Frostbite! Guyx

Victoria Fairchild from Sydney / Dorset (UK) 20/02/2006
WOW Jo & girls! What an inspiration you are!! I think what you are doing is fantastic and I look forward to reading all about the trip,which I will follow closely through your superb website. All the best of luck! I will be thinking of you!! x

Matt Treacy from London 20/02/2006
I saw two of the team members training in Richmond Park on Saturday morning and wish you all the best. Nearly came over to have a chat but didn''t want to interrupt what looked like hard work. Have fun, Matt

Emily from Guildford 20/02/2006
Good luck to you all! Jo, I would have loved to have done this expedition with you if it wern''t for the cold! You are a great inspiration and I will be sending you warm hugs throughout!xx

Tim from Team Polar XP 19/02/2006
Hi Felicity This trip looks awesome, good luck to you and the team. I'm sure you will break the record,with time to spare. Best wishes from Tim, Scott and Patrick. Team Polar XP

Diane Toman from Winchester 18/02/2006
Dear Jo, The website is fantastic. I will be sending on the details of the trip to lots of people as i'm very proud to be a fellow bridesmaid with you in October. Have upmost respect & admiration of you & the team. All the best for training & the trip. Lots of love, Di x

Liam from London 18/02/2006
Nice one Jo, what an adventure - our very own Indiana Jones! Right behind you and the team and will happily spin a few tunes at your party on the 8th - see you then.

Ped from London (but really Hull!) 18/02/2006
Absolutely incredible. Go Arctic Foxes!

Natee T. from Linz, Austria 18/02/2006
Go! Girls! Go! I wish you all a very safe trip! Chunky (Jo), I knew it! You were born to do mad things for good causes!!!

Cath Vellino from Basra 18/02/2006
Go Foxes Go! When dragging tyres gets you down, have another bite of a delicious 6kg GI bran muffin, & that'll be sure to spur you on!

Stephanie Torneden from London 18/02/2006
Go Jenny!! I am so excited for you and your team.

Alex Craster from Cambridge 18/02/2006
Looks incredible. All the best for a safe and amazing trip!

Sairie Elengorn from Mexico 18/02/2006
You are an inspiration to me Jo. I know you will work hard for the team and be a wonderful asset to such an amazing group of young ladies. It will be a gritty test for you my lovely, but I am sure you will come out smiling! I will certainly be thinking of you from Mexico, esp out there in the snow! Brrrr... My very best wishes to you all, Sair. xxx

Jim Graham from Leicester 18/02/2006
Go for it Jo - have to admit i am completely jealous of the guts and determination that it must be taking to do this. If anyone i know can do it - you can!!

Simon Smith from London 17/02/2006
Best of luck Jen et al - and you'd want to be fast as the damn thing looks like it might melt before you get there!

Jo Lowe from Sheffield 17/02/2006
Good Luck!! It sounds like the most amazing adventure.

Andy G from Bexleyheath 17/02/2006
To Jo and team, Good luck with your upcoming trip, may the wind be at your back's! Best wishes...

Simon Muderack from London 17/02/2006
Best of luck, this is a tremendous undertaking, you have us all in awe.