Foxy Friends

Help Us Break a Record - Become a Foxy Friend!

We have a fantastic opportunity to fulfil not only our personal and adventurous goals and record breaking attempts but also to raise awareness of the reality of Global Warming and the devastating effects that climate change is having on these remote frozen wildernesses and their inhabitants.

We will also be holding a series of pre- and post-expedition events to raise money for Breakthrough Breast cancer, our chosen charity, and hope that by featuring the logo on the website and kit we will help to raise awareness of its work too.

With a minimum suggested donation of £50 you can become a 'Foxy Friend'.

In recognition of your generous support, and to help you share in the excitement of the expedition we will send you:

VIP invites to Foxy events where you can rubs tails with the Foxes themselves.
Entries into an exclusive prize draw to win exciting Foxy treats.
Daily email updates of the Foxes progress throughout May, during the expedition.
An historic signed photo of the Foxes as they become the first British all-female team to cross the Greenland ice cap.
And last but by no means least, the much sought-after, limited edition ‘I’m A Foxy Friend’ pin badge. (I hear that they are currently going for thousands on eBay!)

I’d like to become a Foxy Friend –

If you don’t want to become a Foxy Friend but you’d still like to support we’d very much like to know something about you so that we can say thanks, so don’t forget to post us a message to say who you are. You can make a donation via the button below.

To those who already have the pin badge in their possession we send you a big Foxy thanks. Please note, you can select not to be listed here is you would prefer.

Our Foxy Friends

Date Name
08/07/2017  Barnypok
02/01/2017  Barnypok
31/12/2016  Barnypok
28/12/2016  Barnypok
28/12/2016  Barnypok
13/08/2016  JimmiXS
12/08/2016  JosephSt
12/08/2016  JimmiXS
09/08/2016  JimmiXS
08/08/2016  JimmiXS
08/08/2016  JimmiXS
27/12/2015  DanyKroche
16/05/2015  obiqaisiyaha
16/05/2015  ufacful
16/05/2015  ihfuyoyeyaa
16/05/2015  osuhuwove
16/05/2015  uyutecoku
16/05/2015  eanatisila
21/12/2014  yukwonkhukq
13/11/2014  pvgmpqsgwt
07/05/2013  zuxwxbwuf
15/04/2013  hsvhhv
08/04/2013  bkuhbrfamv
01/09/2012  NetsDemeanoms
26/03/2012  azobpkw
07/01/2012  Carvesheria
06/04/2011  pypehaive
11/03/2011  Fefinvoff
20/06/2006  Rhianon Williams
20/06/2006  Nick, Sara, Milly and Matilda Pearson
04/06/2006  Matthew Mclauchlan
25/05/2006  Laura Pilbeam
10/05/2006  Sue Gallagher
09/05/2006  Bonita, Leighton and Cameron Curtis
28/04/2006  Joe Average
28/04/2006  Evelyn Khoo
28/04/2006  Richard Galpin
27/04/2006  Marion Williams
26/04/2006  Sarah Long & Andrew White
25/04/2006  Louise Benham
24/04/2006  Jackie Lovesey
24/04/2006  Nick Haisman
23/04/2006  Nicky Hayward
22/04/2006  Marion Vellino
21/04/2006  Jerry Lowe
21/04/2006  Jane and David Pearson
19/04/2006  Emma Sanders
18/04/2006  Shane Allen
12/04/2006  Tooting Republic - Corera, Chapman and Herbert
12/04/2006  Barry Jennings
11/04/2006  Lucie Edematie
10/04/2006  Katy Robinson
10/04/2006  Nick Bell
08/04/2006  Tracey Carter and Jo Taylor
07/04/2006  Rhona Mirsky and Kristjan Jessen
07/04/2006  Peter Pearson, Sophie Bowlby & Tom Bowlby Pearson
06/04/2006  Stuart Edmonds
06/04/2006  Alison Goodman
05/04/2006  Katie Boyes
05/04/2006  Ned Walley & Tim Warmath
04/04/2006  Katie Norriss
03/04/2006  Kim van Niekerk
02/04/2006  Emily Brooks
30/03/2006  Scott Underhill
30/03/2006  Michael Robertson
29/03/2006  Tim Ross
28/03/2006  Peter Osman
24/03/2006  Mr and Mrs Darren Siveter
24/03/2006  Kate Abel
24/03/2006  Carol Sweeny
22/03/2006  Alexandra Higgins
22/03/2006  Denis Paul
22/03/2006  Jane, Richard and Billy
22/03/2006  Richard Smith
20/03/2006  Nick 'n' Ross
19/03/2006  Elizabeth Happer
14/03/2006  Gordon, Jane and Joseph Corera
13/03/2006  Andy Ford
11/03/2006  Eu-Loong Lim
08/03/2006  Cath Lovesey
07/03/2006  John Johnston
07/03/2006  Stella, Charlie and Milo
07/03/2006  Cath Cole
07/03/2006  debra fraser
05/03/2006  Lucy Bunn
04/03/2006  Katerina Syngellakis
02/03/2006  Martin Cook
02/03/2006  ARZ
02/03/2006  James Aldridge
01/03/2006  Alan Olsen
28/02/2006  Ed Pugh
28/02/2006  Catherine Michel
26/02/2006  Lyn and Allan Morehen
24/02/2006  Jenny Dean
23/02/2006  Ed Short
21/02/2006  Emma Soar
20/02/2006  Cath Vellino
18/02/2006  Sarah Elengorn
18/02/2006  Jim Graham
18/02/2006  Stephanie Torneden
17/02/2006  Anthony Wort
17/02/2006  Jo Lowe
17/02/2006  Simon Muderack
17/02/2006  Luke Gilbert
17/02/2006  Simon Smith