The Expedtition - History of Crossings

Record-Making and Record-Breaking : A Short History of Crossing Greenland

The First
When Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen led the first crossing of Greenland in 1888 he used sledge-rigged sails made from the expedition’s tent floor! He started a long tradition of using wind-power to assist travel on the ice cap. During the 1930’s Gino Watkins planned the first British traverse of Greenland as part of the British Arctic Air Route Expedition. Unfortunately he died unexpectedly and the journey was completed by Wilfred Hampton, who made the journey using dog-teams.

The Females
Since the 1930s there have been regular British crossings but in 1965 the Scottish Trans-Greenland expedition included the first woman to traverse Greenland. The first all-female team to cross the ice cap was led by Norwegian Explorer Liv Arneson in 1992, closely followed by Ann Bancroft and her American team in the same season.

The Fast
In 1995 the record for the fastest crossing of Greenland was set by Norwegian Sjur Mordre. He made a crossing in just 8 days! Ten years later the Greenspeed Expedition set a kiting record for crossing the Greenland ice cap at 6 days and 23 hours. It is this record that the Foxes are determined to match.