Jenny Pugh

Jenny, a 27-year-old software designer from Birmingham, has spent most of her free time over the last 7-years climbing and mountaineering all over the world. She has explored cliffs, canyons and caves across the UK, France, Spain and Egypt, as well as traversing Asia, from Turkey to Hong Kong, climbing in remote regions along the way and taking in large parts of the old Silk Route. One of her scariest moments was being shot-at by bandits as she clung to a cliff 200m above the ground during a climb in Iran. Having spent most of her time in the company of men while pursuing her climbing ambitions, Jenny is very excited to have found a group of like-minded girls to share this adventure.

Why are you doing this?
Whilst working at my desk job in London, I had been dreaming up potential new challenges for a while, mainly in the realms of mountaineering, when a friend saw Felicity’s ad in the newspaper and cut it out for me, knowing that it would be right up my street. It certainly was, I had never considered anything polar before but as soon as the seed was planted I knew that I wanted to do it.

What inspires you?
People with the imagination to dream up the impossible and the strength of character to then go and achieve it, whatever it may be.

What are you most looking forward to?
Being sat in an armchair in Kangerlussuaq, sipping a large whisky with my feet on a stool and my toes being warmed by a roaring fire, having just completed a double crossing of the icecap.

What are you dreading?
The frustration of having to sit in the tent for days on end if we need to wait for storms to pass.

How will you prepare mentally?
By following a very strict training schedule and getting out kite flying every spare moment so that I am confident in my own ability when the time comes. I know that we can do this and the overwhelming support from my family and friends makes me even more determined not to disappoint.

What will you take with you for luck?
I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope for good fortune with the wind once we get out there. We will have done everything in our power to prepare mentally, physically and skills wise for the trip but the weather is out of our control.

Who would you take as the fifth fox?
Lara Croft – Polar Bears would be no match for her.