Educational Resources

Through this expedition we believe that we have a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the effects of climate change on the world and in particular Greenland.

We will be undertaking a number of post-expedition school talks and are also preparing a set of educational resources for download.

These resources will include lesson plans and resources for teachers of both Key Stage 3 and 4 Geography, with activities, Powerpoints and internet links related to the topical issue of Greenland and Climate Change and will be posted soon.

They will be pertinent to the following areas of the curriculum:

Fragile Environments       
Climate Change  

There will also be more general activities based around the Arctic Foxes Greenland Quest 2006, allowing students to use ICT to explore in greater detail what it is like to be an Arctic Adventurer!"

In the meantime please have a look at the links below. Recently the BBC website featured several articles on climate change, following the release of a government report into climate change commissioned in 2005,. with some striking images of the extent of the effect, already, on the melting Greenland Icecap.

The report concludes that “the technological options to reduce emissions do exist and that the biggest obstacle to the take up of technologies such as renewable sources of energy lie in vested interests, cultural barriers to change and simple lack of awareness.”

It is that lack of awareness that we would like to help combat.

For an inspirational and passionate view of life in Greenland and a unique insight into Inuit culture we can wholeheartedly recommend reading "This Cold Heaven" by Gretel Ehrlich. We found a good review of this book here.

The January 2006 edition of the National Geographic Magazine features a very compelling article on the subject of climate change and its effects which can already be seen in Arctic Greenland. “Arctic Hunter. Last Days of the Ice Hunters - As Arctic Greenland warms up, its inhabitants, both human and animal, confront a precarious future.“ also written by Gretel Ehrlich.