THEY DID IT! The Arctic Foxes make history by becoming first British all-female team to cross the Greenland ice-sheet.

It took just sixteen and a half days to create a new record: the Arctic Foxes have become the first British all-woman team to cross the Greenland ice sheet. The record has been hard-won for the four-strong team, who covered 650km from Kangerlussuak in the west to Ammasillik in the east, walking for up to 16 hours a day and dragging 50kg pulks behind them containing all their expedition kit, through incredibly challenging weather conditions.

The girls are supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer. If you would like to donate please click on the logo to go to the just giving website.

After battling storms and whiteout conditions, overcoming equipment breakage with ingenious use of gaffer tape and super glue and avoiding injury and crevasses along the way, the team were jubilant in the completion of their journey. After only a few days’ rest, the team got back into their gruelling schedule of day-long walking to complete the return journey. They had hoped to break the record for the fastest crossing of the ice sheet (which stands at 6 days and 23 hrs) with the aid of power kites, but there has been far less wind than anticipated, so most of the final leg has been done the hard way: on foot.

The Foxes fly home on the 5th June to a well earned rest.

Congratulations to Felicity, Jenny, Jo and Rachel on their Greenland Quest 2006!!  

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